Most people have heard they should build an opt-in list. This is true.

But it’s not just any list. Your greatest results come from building a targeted and responsive list.

You will be in a better position to put sales on autopilot when you do. The best way to build your list is have a stellar gift you offer in exchange for someone’s name and email address.

Mind you, it’s not any gift you need to offer. It must be enticing to the end user. It must solve a problem for them.

The best way to know what to offer is fully understand your market. You absolutely must do your homework by researching your market’s needs.

Create the Ethical Bribe
Once you have done your research, you’ll be ready to create an ethical bribe, which is actually a free offer. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking you don’t have time to offer something for free. Free ethical bribes are the cornerstone of building your online business.

There is never a shortage of emerging entrepreneurs who are afraid to give information away. “If I give my information away, nobody will want to buy what I offer” is the hard-held belief. This is absolutely not true. I have developed dozens of giveaways over the years – everything from e-reports to ebooks, teleseminars, ezines, four- and five-day email courses, video courses, and more. Doing so allowed me to build a subscriber list from the ground up (meaning I started with nothing and built a highly profitable list of subscribers).
The most successful among us started with nothing and built from there. And so can you! It should not require a lot of time on your part to fulfill a request for a giveaway. With the exception of a teleseminar, where you have dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of people on the call at one time, avoid offering a free session of your basic money-making service, such as free coaching time; you can cripple your business by having to be on the phone 24/7 fulfilling requests for free consulting.
With teleseminars and webinars you are delivering to everyone all at once, so this is a very effective use of your time.
Here are just a handful of ideas to get something free (your ethical bribe) to market quickly.

1.Record an over-the-phone interview with an expert and give the recording away. (Be sure to get the expert’s permission before giving away their information.)

2.Write a tips list on a topic your market is interested in. (If you don’t know what they’re interested in, ask.) Give that “Tips List” away through your website, blog, and/or social media.

3.Visit top article directories to search out articles by experts on a particular topic. Contact ten to twelve experts to gain permission to use their articles in an ebook. Of course you must give them full credit for their work. This can definitely work in your favor because they may be willing to help promote the final product.

4.Write a list of the top ten questions you are most often asked about a particular problem you have a solution for. Record yourself asking the questions and giving the answers. Presto – an MP3 giveaway.

Boost Your Business While Generating Revenues
Creating an ethical bribe often results in a new product. Free products are just the tip of the iceberg for product creation. Developing information products will boost your business, your revenues, and your expert status more than just about anything else. There are information products used specifically for building your opt-in subscriber list, those that are used to generate revenue, and those that do both.
Regardless of what industry you are in, the sooner you begin offering outstanding solutions to your market, the sooner you will build a list and subsequently, generating revenue.

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