If you have your books listed on Amazon and B&N it’s likely you get very excited when the book rises on the charts. Unfortunately, lots of authors never sell more than a handful of books on either of these locations because they don’t do any marketing. If you want to see your books rise on the charts here’s what you can do.

Let’s start with a short discussion on a somewhat overused method. Basically, you get a bunch of bonus gifts that are listed on a webpage for a potential buyer to read a short description on.

The goal is to get the potential buyer so excited they order your book and request lots of the bonuses. Unfortunately, over the last few years the quality of these types of campaigns has gone down.

This is not to say that you shouldn't do a joint venture online book campaign. I still do them but I do know they take an incredible amount of effort to do them correctly.

There are other methods that are extremely effective with a lot less work. A very simple way to sell lots of books in a short period of time is to create an extremely high value special offer that is good for a limited time period. 48 - 72 hours can work very nicely.

When someone orders your book during this time period they receive a bonus invitation into a private group coaching call. For example, if you've written a book on eldercare you could offer a group coaching call (teleseminar) that would go into a lot of detail on what to look for when placing a parent in a facility.

Add even more value by having Q&A on the call. Anyone who has ever gone through the experience of being a caregiver to an elderly parent would find something like this of very, very high value.

Remember though; put a time limit on the purchase bonus offer. Otherwise there is no urgency. And urgency does sell.

All you need to move forward on this is a very simple landing page with a short audio or video from you giving a tip about eldercare. When you are done with the tip let the viewer/listener know they can get more great information by purchasing your book during this special offer. Then instruct them to click the "buy now" button, purchase the book and return to the page to input their information including their order number.

Once they do this they receive the access details for the private session. Not only will the buyer read your book, they will hear you live and you have the opportunity to introduce other products and services to them.

It’s a win/win for all concerned.

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