Choosing and buying father’s day gifts can often be difficult, since men are notoriously tricky to buy for. All too often this results in people falling back on the same old ideas and items – hence all the jokes about aftershave and pairs of socks. This year, however, you can use digital photography to do things differently.

The very best gifts you can give to people are those which contain something of you in them. The more personal the gift, the more touching it will be, since the recipient will be in no doubt as to how much time and trouble you’ve taken to show them just how much you care. The most personal gift of all, of course, is one which you’ve created yourself. For some people, this is a simple job of doing something which they’re lucky enough to be naturally gifted at doing, such as cooking or painting. After all, who wouldn’t be touched by a jar of delicious home made fudge or an original work of art which has been created by the person who’s giving it to you? The problem, however, is that most of us, if we’re honest, lack the skills necessary to create something of this ilk. If you’re not a professional artist or a talented amateur chef, then the chances are you’ll feel unable to take the leap and make something yourself. Digital cameras, however, and the way in which they store information and make it available for manipulation, mean that personalised, ‘handmade’ father’s day gifts ideas are now well within the reach of absolutely anyone.

The key to making gifts like these totally personal lies in the fact that they will be based around images from your own collection. Photographs are amongst the most personal mementoes which the average person owns – images which capture moments forever in a way which makes it easy to take a trip down memory lane and bring back your favourite moments any time you like. Technology has made it possible to collect mementoes such as these together and use them to make fantastic gifts such as bespoke luxury photo books. In the past, when photographs were stored in physical form, the best option open for storing your very favourite was to stick them onto the pages of photo albums, but digital technology has changed this. Now it’s possible to select your favourite photographs and have them printed to a luxury standard within the covers of bespoke, one off photo books. A photo book like this will make a fantastic gift for a father, collecting together their favourite images of family life and the fun they’ve had with their children. Once you’ve selected your favourite images, you merely have to upload them to the website in question and then make use of the specially developed software. It’s been designed to be simple to use, removing the need for any experience in either computing or graphic design. By making a series of simple choices, you’ll plan the size and shape of the book, the layout of each page and the design and material of the front and back cover. Once you’ve done this, it will be printed on the richest thickest photographic paper and bound to the highest standards, resulting in a book which will stay in pristine condition for years to come. The same simple technology can be used to turn individual favourite images into once in a lifetime personalised photo greeting cards.

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