With divorce rates at an all time high, we have begun to understand how we may not have set ourselves up for success in the first place...

Studies have shown that unhappily married couples are at higher risk for heart attacks and cardiovascular disease than happily married couples.

In the New York Times article, Is Marriage Good for Your Health? By Tara Parker-Pope, she notes that studies indicate "the emotional tone of a marital fight turned out to be just as predictive of poor heart health as whether the individual smoked or had high cholesterol."

No wonder we are having trouble!

Given that 90% of communication is non-verbal, most people are completely unaware of how to tune into a deeper level of understanding. 

It is probable that many people fail at long term relationships because communication gets increasingly difficult when problems arise.

If you can effectively communicate by really hearing and honoring each other, you will not only be enjoying your life more, but you will be improving the odds for long term health and overall wellness for you both.

Through taking the time to learn better communication skills, especially the non-verbal ones, you will be building and fortifying your foundation in success and increasing the probability of a more joyous and most fulfilling future!

Author's Bio: 

Barbara Alexander is the founder of Epona Ridge – a magical place where women have come for years to gain insight about their inner lives and seek a greater awareness of their heart's true calling. Barbara serves as their mentor and guide as her retreat participants go through their individual journeys towards true happiness, joy and inner peace.

Barbara has worked with over a thousand people in the Epona Ridge Retreat programs, teaching transformational techniques that shift core energy awareness and life experience.