Have you made enough time for yourself lately? If not, you may want help planning a Me Day, which is simply a period of time (at least three hours) to do what you want to do. It’s a date with you.

I have been planning my own Renee Days for years now. They began with personal days off from work (when I needed a break from teaching) and have continued as I started my own business and had a child. What I choose to do on my Renee Days has changed (sleep is higher on my list now!), but the basic guidelines are the same:

• Schedule it. Block off a morning, afternoon, or entire day. If you don’t put it on the calendar, it won’t happen.

• Treat it like any other appointment. Schedule other activities around it. It is an appointment. Don’t bump it because something comes up.

• Get creative. If you can’t take a whole day or even three hours, take an hour each day for several days. Think outside the box.

• Think about what you like to do. For some, this may be the hardest part. Those who don’t get much free time may have forgotten what you like to do. That’s okay. Start with what you used to do for fun.

• Don’t judge yourself. Whether it’s taking a nap, going for a run, or cleaning out your closet, there is no wrong choice as long as it’s something you want to do. The “have to” activities can wait another day.

• Include a menu. Part of the fun is eating what and when you want. Where would you go if you didn’t have to accommodate someone else’s tastes?

• Choose your company wisely. This is not the time to catch up with Daphne Depressed or Whining Winnie. Invite someone only if they will bring positive energy to the day.

• Keep plans to yourself. Sometimes well-meaning people make comments that put a damper on things. It doesn’t matter what they think. It’s your day.

• Allow the day to unfold. Have a few options planned; then see what happens. It may take some time to get the hang of relaxing.

• If the day turns into a train wreck, jump off and try again. When one year’s birthday Renee Day turned into a frustrating mess, I rescheduled it for two weeks later. It’s your day; take control of it.

• Make it a habit. We all need time for fun and relaxation. Your family and friends will appreciate a more rested you. Do it for them if you can’t do it for yourself.

This month, plan your own Me Day. Schedule the date in your calendar. Think about a favorite activity. Plan a menu. Look forward to time away from regular responsibilities. Take some time for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

© Renee Ursem, 2011

Author's Bio: 

Renee Ursem, Professional Organizer and owner of Get It Together, LLC in Las Vegas, helps people learn how to organize and maintain their spaces using simple, practical strategies.
Renee can be reached at www.get-it-together-llc.com. She is on Facebook and Linkedin.