Creating content is a creative marketing tactic used by many online that if done correctly can yield great results! What makes using content such an effective marketing strategy is the way in which the information is presented to readers! Of course the success you have with this strategy is merely a result of the efforts you put into the preparation. Let's have a look at the 3 key stages you need to complete when using content online to get the best results from your efforts!

Locate and Accumulate

Locating news or information that has relevance to the interest of your readers or the focus of your niche is your first step. Now you may not always be able to find something new but you can still take already seen information and present it in a way people have not seen before! This is what makes this such a creative marketing strategy so do not overlook any material that may currently have a little dust on it. Remember at this point you are simply gathering anything of relevance and/or interest to those who are your target audience!


Now you have entered into the 'sorting' stage of all the information or data you have previously collected. Here you must determine what is the most appropriate or relevant material you can use for the objectives you have. It is also very important to use this stage for the creative sparks that may occur as you review and sort through any information you have already gathered! Although some of the material in front of you may not be used, it could very easily stimulate thoughts and ideas you may not have had otherwise! Remember your most creative marketing content will come from your mind and not any research so be prepared to capture these sparks as they occur!


It is at this point that you take what you've accumulated or any thoughts that you had and deliver it in a way or tone that is unique to you! Typically people write the same way they speak while also 'sprinkling' in their opinions as well! In fact when using content in this way it is encouraged to reflect as much of your opinion or personality as possible to make what you write more original! Since no two people have the exact same opinions or personality types are yet another couple reasons using content is such an effective marketing strategy! Just be sure that what you compose is easily readable and as concise as possible! Your readers will love you for this!

Creating content for use online is an effective marketing strategy employed by many that offers many benefits if done correctly! This creative marketing tactic involves using content to attract readers, build trust and credibility while also subtly advertising to them at the same time! The fact that aggressive sales strategies are not typically used is in fact what make this such an effective marketing approach! Although using content in this way is not difficult it does involve successfully completing the 3 key stages we discussed here today for it to be most effective! In many ways your role is to simply collect, condense and deliver ONLY information of interest to your readers!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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