One of the most powerful marketing tools in digital marketing is the online video. Creative videos attract new customers, spread awareness about the company and its identity and services effectively, and also assist in establishing your company as a key market player. At eMedEvents, we will help you understand the dynamics of creating a successful creative marketing video.
According to a recent survey, 85% of US internet users watch online videos. That’s about 7.1 billion video ads viewed by Americans or about 51% of the total US population viewership per month. Did you know that online videos contribute a massive amount to your ROI?

Marketing videos can be used for a wide variety of topics such as newsletters, testimonials, website ads, CME medical conference videos, LIVE coverage, quick info about an upcoming CME medical event, speaker bios, and more.

Creating marketing videos can be a strenuous task and we want to help. You might want to consider the following 3 pointers before you create your next viral CME medical conference video.

• Storyline: The storyline needs to be captivating. You are given only a few seconds to capture the attention of the viewer, so you need to tap into human emotions either through strong visuals or sound. To create a clear plot or subplot, we recommend you use Freytag’s pyramid which explains the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement.

• Duration: The shorter the better! This is the new mantra among viral videos. A recent survey revealed that there has been a massive decline in the attention span of viewers to only 8.25 seconds; this means that a CME medical conference organizer has very few seconds to capture the attention of its targeted viewer. Creating a short sneak preview of the upcoming event or dividing a longer video it into a series will help you keep your audience captivated. Be sure that these videos do not stretch beyond 2-3 minutes.

• Value: Incorporate your organizational values, elaborate on the history, and add small glimpses of historical figures from your organization into the video to add a sentiment. These can also be in the background of the video as you introduce your speaker and mention his/her bio. Creating a video that is visually appealing, has an intriguing background score, has a sufficient amount of information, and that immediately demands the attention of the viewer is an ideal online video.

So, when you are considering creating your next marketing video, do keep these 3 pointers in mind. And if you need any assistance with marketing and advertising your next CME medical conference, then why not contact us at eMedEvents?

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