Creating Successful Teams

Encouraging your team to become energized and passionate about their roles within their respective teams can be a really challenging, yet the results that will flow from this endeavor will most certainly be well worth the effort.

Passion is never passed onto your team through mere lip service and empty words; it is channeled to your team by action, drive and commitment on the part of the leader. As the leader, always strive to become a true example of the passion and energy you want to create in your team.

Lead from the front and never expect anything from your team or individual team members that you are not willing to commit to or complete yourself. True leadership is a participative endeavor in which performance and passion are encouraged and all team members are permitted and encouraged to participate at every level.

The team members that are involved in the day to day operational functions within any organization are seated in the front row and have a wealth of experience that allows them to potentially bring many new, creative and innovative ideas and concepts to the table. Any great leader will encourage constant dialogue and feedback from all team members, I have seen this simple shift in philosophy, result in almost magical transformations within many organizations.

Always be forthcoming with every team member as to your expectations and the results you wish to achieve. The ultimate measure of the success of any quality team is measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time. Have a crystal clear set of goals and objectives for your team. The more clear you are regarding the outcome you wish to achieve and the better you communicate this to your team, the better will be the results or outcomes you will enjoy. Vague goals or outcomes will always result in vague or unacceptable results

Leaders often underestimate the potential of their teams to excel and as such they set small uninspiring goals that do not stretch their teams or themselves. We never exceed our own expectations, so if you want huge success, then put your chin out a little and set some Huge Hairy Audacious Goals for your team. Stretch your team and you will be amazed at how each team member rises to accept their role in achieving the goal.

After establishing the desired outcomes or goals for the team, break these huge hairy audacious goals back into smaller bite size chunks or Projects. Well chosen projects allow your team to see small achievable parts to the big picture that make achieving each goal very believable and ultimately achievable.

Develop a crystal clear action plan that is concise, easy to understand and apply and one that is understood by every team member. Ensure that each team member has a clear understanding of their individual roles in carrying out the required actions and that the outcome that will be realized by the team is dependant on everyone’s complete commitment and participation.

Set up clear measurement criterion and measure individual and team performance as often as possible and you will have an effective and simple system to achieve any results you desire within your organization.

Gathering, creating, developing and encouraging a great team is not only helpful to promote organizational success, but is crucial if you wish to realize sustainable, meaningful, long term success within your organization.

Author: Andrew Horton Best Motivational Speakers Gauteng

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I am a master teacher, author and global traveler in the field of human behavior, expanded awareness and enlightenment. I am constantly searching for ways to unlock the mysteries of the human mind.I aspire to make a contribution to making things better and to help improve the human experience.