Having a deep impression on customers is always a top priority for businesses. Therefore, promotional gifts appear more and more in the market.

A lot of smart businesses have chosen usb advertising gifts at SanGia Vn Gift Company. This gift has left a good impression on customers, this gift is also used as an indispensable item in studying and working.
If you are wondering about customer gifts, usb is a smart choice for you. USB is known as one of the indispensable items in work and study. The device is used to store and copy data from different devices.
Because of the importance of USB, many companies have chosen to print their company logo on USB sticks and use it as a unique gift for customers.

Most of us use USB to exchange files between computers and save data, but there are many other great things you can do with your USB stick. You can quickly connect to a wireless network on a PC, or turn USB into a key for a PC or laptop, take advantage of it as a secondary RAM to increase computer performance even as a web server directly on USB itself ... To expand the features from this miraculous storage device, Phong Vu would like to summarize some lesser-known useful tips of USB.

Lock and unlock the computer
Predator software will turn the USB into access control and identification device - a physical key for computers instead of biometric sensors. When you leave the computer, remove the USB and the computer will be locked.
When returning, simply plug in the device again to unlock it. This is like Lock on Windows because users do not have to enter a password when using the device again.

Fix PC error
USB memory drive is one of the best tools used to fix PC errors. You can use to fix Windows problems, recover files from a damaged computer, scan your computer for malware or use it as a safe environment to make payments online or other important jobs.

Increase temporary memory for PC
If your computer is equipped with limited RAM, a USB memory drive can help to improve this problem if the device is running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Operating the ReadyBoost feature is enabled. The built-in versions of Windows are significantly improved in performance.
Access to Wi-fi network
The Windows operating system supports saving the current wireless network connection history, passwords and other information into a USB device. It is convenient that users can then use the device to quickly connect to the network. Wi-Fi on another computer without re-entering the password. In fact, users can even use USB to quickly connect an Xbox 360 to a Wi-Fi network. Just select the Windows Connect Now option while setting up the wireless network on the Xbox.

If you are wondering about advertising gifts for customers, usb is a smart choice for you. USB is known as one of the indispensable items in work and study. The device is used to store and copy data from different devices.

With all these advantages, it is easier to choose cheap usb advertising. Have you got yourself the choice of where to offer the most prestigious gift with the cheapest price? As a knowledgeable businessman, leave an impression on your customers with the unique promotional gift usb.
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