Since Descartes' said "I think therefore I am" the rational mode of consciousness has been the dominant mode in Western culture, almost to the exclusion of other ways of knowing.

What have we missed?

Einstein used his imagination to ride on a beam of light in the process of developing his theory of relativity. He said "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Other men have stood out in history by contacting their intuitive minds. Thomas Edison was one of those men with over 1000 US Patents to his credit. Most of us have studied the fact that he invented the light bulb and learned to generate and tame electricity.

The end result is common knowledge but, here is how he did it: He learned how to relax into a deep meditative (theta) state to be more creative and solve problems. Today his technique might seem crude and archaic, but it helped him get the original ideas for his 1000 plus patents.

Although he slept only 5-6 hours a night he had a habit of taking power naps. During this time he used relaxation techniques that allowed him to access the high theta state between sleeping and waking.

He would sit in a comfortable chair holding a heavy steel ball bearing in each hand. Then he would attempt to fall asleep. He would get drowsier and drowsier until the ball fell from his grip and clattered onto the metal pie plates that he had placed on the floor directly below his hands. The clatter would startle him awake. Then he would quickly write down whatever inspiration was in his mind. This would often be patentable ideas or a part of one. He would then start the process over drifting toward sleep but not allowing himself to go completely under.

Your history teacher probably told you what a great inventor Edison was and now you know how he did it. He exercised certain brainwave patterns that provided him with original ideas. Today's technology has improved the process to where all you have to do is just relax in your easy chair to get the creative ideas.

We now know that the state between waking and sleep is the time when theta brainwaves are prevalent. In this state we are put in touch with that inner problem-solver that resides in all of us, the subconscious mind. This part of us is somehow able to access dimensions of reality that our conscious mind cannot.

Some psychologists say, in the theta state, the mind is able to access a universal filing system that records every thought, word and action in the collective human memory hard drive, a universal data base in the quantum field.

Whatever we call it, certain people have described accessing it when they were in a theta brainwave state and it has yielded the kind of breakthrough ideas that have led to culture changing and life changing insights, inspirations and inventions.

The Brain Bubble Technique

An ample flow of oxygen to the brain is critical to the brain's ability to create alpha waves. The book "The Einstein Factor" by Win Wenger talks about the "brain bubble" technique of Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats, the most prolific inventor in the world with over 3000 patents to his name. Some of his patents are for the floppy disk, the hard disk drive and the digital watch.

He says that his best kept secret for generating creative ideas is "swim til almost die!" He swims underwater and holds his breath until he just can't do it any longer. Of course, this is coupled with a systemized routine he has created to enhance creativity and allows his brain to bubble ideas.

Today knowledge and techniques have progressed in the area of creating desired brainwave patterns. It is no longer necessary to hold a metal ball bearing in your hand as you try to take a nap as Edison did or "hold your breath til almost die!" as Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats experiences.

The brains natural tendency to synchronize with sound and follow frequencies enabled the development of technology to create any desired brainwave pattern both easily and quickly.

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