The news is the collection of information from different states, countries and continents around the globe. The news which is telecasting all the information from all the sides of the world is called as world news. The news which telecasts about its nation incidents is called as national news. The news about the incidents in Afghanistan are telecasted or watched is called as an Afghanistan news. In everyday news we had some special news column to read or watch. We also had some crime news to read or watch in the news, to attract the public to read or watch the crime news the crime news headlines should must be good.

Afghanistan is an officially the Islamic republic of people in the Afghanistan. It has a land lock and mountainous country in south central Asia. It is bordered by Pakistan in the south, Azad Kashmir in the east, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and china in the far northeast. The news which is covered in this state is called as Afghanistan news. The news will cover from all the four directions of the country. If the news contains special incidents to watch or read, then that news is called as special news of Afghanistan.

The news which gives the information of the crime is called as crime news. The reading or watching crime news is different from the other news. To attract the people to watch or read the crime news is mainly depends on the crime news headline. The headline plays a major role while watching or reading the news. If the headline of the story or crime story is interesting then the people likes to go deeply about the news. By reading the headline of a story, we should get interest to read or watch the news.

The news which is covered over the country Afghanistan and can be telecasted around the globe is called as Afghanistan News. Mainly in this news contains about the war discussions. In this news when mainly discuss about the special topic is called as a special news. The crime rate in Afghanistan is very high, so telecast this news in the country to attract the people reporters will think for a good crime news headline. The news in the Afghanistan is mainly due to the terrorism in the world because of the Pakistan, Iran and some other countries.

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