There are a number of critical aspects of a property that needs to be inspected while purchasing it. Most people simply check only the number of rooms, the floor space, the location and the price when buying a residential condominium. There are, however, many more important areas that people often fail to check which often leads to a number of issues once they move in and start living in the condo unit. In order to avoid such unsavory situations, it is best to conduct a careful inspection before finalizing the purchase.

So, what are the critical aspects that MUST be inspected?

1.The engineering of the condominium project: Before purchasing a condominium unit, it would be great if a buyer can get their hands on the plans and blueprint of the property. Once they have access to these documents, they should get them inspected by a civil engineer in order to check whether the property would be safe in the long run.

Moreover, certain important aspects like the materials used for the construction, the composition of the concrete, etc. must also be checked. This will ensure that the building stands for a long time. After all, the safety of the people living in the building or the condo unit should be the top priority.

2.The fittings and furnishings: When looking for a condominium unit, it is important to check the fittings used in the unit. They should be of fine quality so that they not only offer greatly luxurious living, but also last for a really long time. These fittings include the items like the taps, showers, basins, etc. used around the home. They also include electrical equipment like wirings, lights, fans, etc. These fittings are pretty expensive, and cost a lot of money to change or replace.

3.Essential supplies like water, power, etc.:When living in a condominium complex like the Thomson Impressions, residents have to share the entire complex with several others. Hence, essential facilities like water and power are also shared and consumed in large amounts. Therefore, it is important to inspect the provisions for water and power so that residents get to enjoy round-the-clock supply. In case of power failures, water shortages or routine maintenance drills, there should be provisions to ensure that alternate outlets are put in place to maintain constant supply.

4.Community associations: Generally, community associations of complexes like the Thomson Impressions condo are headed by the developers and comprise of important people who live in the complex. They represent the people of the complex, and act in their best interest to maintain a healthy environment and lifestyle for all residents. Hence, it is important for buyers to inquire about the community associations and the rules and regulations that would apply to all residents. It should be an open dialogue where the inputs of all parties involved are heard and considered carefully. This will help to promote harmonious living.

Aspects like the price and location of the property is certainly important, but the ones mentioned above are equally important, and must be given their due importance.

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Having worked with a number of projects like the Thomson Impressions condo over a career spanning more than a decade, Maryann Wilson now works as a consultant for buyers and helps them get the best properties in properties like the Thomson Impressions.