Ketamine is an aesthetic substance both in animals and human beings. Ketamine is a highly effective treatment in patients who have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). The condition was formerly known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) which is a depilating chronic pain syndrome. 

Several medics like the 60  Mind Peace Clinic have been using ketamine to treat acute pain and to experimentally cure depression. You can also use ketamine for the purposes of recreation. The other names for ketamine are poly dust, vitamin K, special K, Ket, and K. 

  • Penalties for Possessing ketamine 

Speaking legally, ketamine belongs to the class C of drugs. Therefore, it has the least severe consequences for possessing and using illegally. In the United States, in 2003, 80% of seizures of ketamine are believed to originate from Mexico. Most of the drugs that are being used for purposes of recreation now come from India. 

  • Helpful Uses

The primary use of ketamine is as an anesthesia. You can use it as the only anesthetic in kids. It significantly suppresses breathing than any other type of anesthetics. It is highly useful in patients who have the COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma. It is widely used in emergency medication for patients who are trapped and suffering from trauma. On the battlefield and instances where the fluid status of the patient cannot not assessed accurately like a traffic accident, ketamine can help. 


RSD/CRPS is a chronic, severe, and progressive pain condition. It has sensory, autonomic, motor components, and dystrophic. The terminology ‘dystrophy’ implies degeneration of the muscle tissue. It is a continuous process that gets worse over time. It is often accompanied with changes in the skin and swelling. It may begin in the leg or arm before spreading to the other sections of the body. 

  • Treatment Techniques 

There are two various modalities of treatment using the ketamine to treat RSD/CRPS. The ‘awake’ technique comprises of a slow infusion of a low dosage over several days. It can take place in an outpatient clinic or hospital. The other technique entails putting the patient in a medically-induced coma and supplying them with a huge drug bolus. The United States have not approved this method but it is widely practiced in Mexico and Germany. 

  • Studies 

In a few studies, ketamine was remarkably shown to improve depression even in patients who did not respond to the other types of drugs. It is proved to improve the symptoms of depression that are associated with RSD/CRPS when you use it in treating this condition. Even though these results are not documented formally, the primary measure of the outcome is pain management. 

  • Successful Uses 

Doctors in Russia have been able to report promising results by using ketamine to treat both alcoholism and drug addiction. The same results were also reported on heroin addicts. 

Ketamine is a class C drug that is primarily used as an anesthetic. The treatment of ketamine is also effective is specific chronic pain conditions. Users who use it for recreational purposes also experience hallucinations. Most of the modern-day recreational drugs originate from India. You need to go for drug counseling before you start off this habit.

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