I often speak to many of potentials. When you are asking that question or thinking on what might be possible what you are pondering is potentials. Wondering if you should apply for that job or if you should move often what we are really wondering and want to know is will it work out in our favor. The answer lies in what it is you want. If it is something you want then know that there is a potential out there already that you can realize where you are already that, where you already have that new job and position, or where you are already living in that other place.

Let me explain a little further. Many time when I am asked to do a reading there are specific things the person wants to know. It could be related to relationships, a job, or finances but usually they want to know what is going to happen or the possibility of what they want to happen happening in their lives. So many already know when it comes to this type of reading that the future is not set in stone and is ever changing based on your own actions, thoughts and intentions. If you have ever requested a reading from someone you have probably gotten that explanation. That is an easy explanation for most to understand but let me tell you what is going on on an even deeper and even more truthful level.

Time is not linear and I have said that before. Time can be thought of to be more over-lapping than going in a straight line from point A to B. Instead think of time not only over-lapping but also going instead in a circle with ends meeting and it runs over and over itself. That is time. One little dot on the circular time line holds not just the present but also the future and the past. It does not only hold that but also holds other realities that are parallel. Confusing I know, but think for a moment what if you could get in a machine that is for time travel and you could visit a future moment in time. Well if you can visit it then doesn't that mean it already must exist somewhere? And if you can also travel back in time then doesn't that mean that past moments still exist some where? Then you are probably wondering how you make changes to the future as well as the past so that you get to choose not only where you have come from but where you are going and what you will end up achieving. Simple, it is done in the present moment and it is done by you. Do you not believe that? If you do not then you cannot change the past or the future. If you believe that you can then that is where your power to do it comes from. The knowledge of knowing how it works and knowing and believing that it is possible.

The knowledge that I speak of that will get you there is understanding that the potentials already exist. Thinking about a job working in a library or one working in a craft store? You choose and you can because those two potentials already exist out in the future and it is already happening but to realize it you must simply choose.

Making a decision is more powerful than many realize. Making a solid decision and then not doubting it is key. Not doubting in a way where you so totally know that two months from now you will be on a new job that is the job you want so much so that thinking of that future potential is such a reality to you that your belief in that reality happening propels you forward to it is where the power lies.

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Sherry Andrea, Author, Intuitive Advisor, Spiritual & Personal Development Coach empowers and guides all towards discovering and uncovering their true self. Through the enlightenment she has gained through diligent spiritual work she offers the benefit of guidance as she speaks with the knowledge of her higher self. Ms. Andrea's life purpose is to guide others in their ascension, enlightenment, and personal development quest and especially to share the knowledge she has been given.