At DIY Blinds, we always think about how to make your home a very special place and since we know that today having custom blinds at home is essential for your comfort, we give you the option of creating the best combinations in fabrics, colors, and finishes forgive your spaces a very personal touch. Learn everything you need to know about our custom blinds online.

Each of our blinds offers decorative and functional solutions for each type of window. To customize them according to your tastes and needs there are certain elements that you must take into account, among them:

The place where you are going to place your blinds is the first thing you should take into account, as this will help you better define the style of your custom blinds. For example:

If you want to cover large windows and doors to the outside, but want natural light to be an essential part of those spaces, we recommend Luminette vertical blinds. These types of blinds are special for large areas and allow you to achieve atmospheres bathed in natural light. Take them into account to decorate your room, living room, or any room with a view of the garden.

Other blinds that can help you cover large spaces are the Panel Glide blinds, these Japanese style blinds, in addition to being elegant and contemporary, are very practical thanks to their fabric panels that move through a rail, achieving greater functionality and a unique aesthetic.

On the other hand, if you want to cover smaller windows such as those in a bedroom, office, or space with a lot of light and you are looking for modern blinds with a lot of styles, roller blinds may be the best option.

This type of blinds have a very sophisticated aesthetic, they are ideal for both small and large spaces, they are very easy to handle and will always look elegant to the eye. If you decide on custom blinds of this style, our recommendation is the Quantum Roller blinds.

The color of the room where you are going to place your blinds is important, as well as the colors of all the elements that make up that room. The best thing to do when choosing your blinds and personalizing them is to make combinations with ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture.

Choose neutral colors if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing room, or vibrant colors if you want to spice up your spaces. You have the option of making combinations even in the same blind by selecting the color of the openings and the head.

White is one of the most selected colors for its ability to combine with everything, however, when choosing the color of your blinds, take your personality into account and dare to play with different shades. You decide how you want your home to look with your personal touch.

Another way to customize your blinds is based on the materials. The most commonly used to manufacture blinds are aluminum, wood, fabric, or PVC. Each one brings different characteristics to your decoration.

For example, aluminum blinds tend to last longer and are easy to maintain, as well as being highly functional. Wooden blinds, on the other hand, offer many possibilities of colors and bring warmth to spaces. The fabric on the other hand offers texture to your environments, as well as modernity although it requires more care and maintenance.

You can also create custom blinds according to their functionality. It all depends on whether you want more or less light in a space, if you are looking for more tranquility or if you want to protect yourself from UV rays.

There are many reasons why you can choose your blinds, the idea is to know what exactly you want before deciding on a special type. Some examples that may be helpful are the following:

Black Out Blinds: Ideal to obtain more privacy during the day and better rest at bedtime. They are used in conference rooms, home theater, or bedrooms since they completely block the passage of light.

Thermal and acoustic insulation: This type of blinds isolate the noise to obtain spaces with greater tranquility and cover you from UV rays, protecting both your skin and your furniture and carpets.

Vanguard: If technology is your thing, motorized blinds are a good choice, since you can control them from anywhere in your home. Opt for this option for modern custom blinds with the comfort and technology you are looking for.

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