Custom nets are tailored to meet specific requirements for a variety of industries and applications. Whether for sports, safety, agriculture, or construction, customization ensures that the net performs optimally in its intended role.

Custom nets are an essential tool in a wide array of sports, industrial and occupational fields. From neighborhood sandlots to major league arenas, they provide spectator safety for athletes and fans alike.

Sports Nets

Whether you're playing in the neighborhood sandlot or the NHL arena, sports nets are crucial to ensure safety for both players and spectators. Custom nets for baseball, soccer, golf, and more are engineered to withstand the rigors of the game while meeting strict safety standards and regulations. Likewise, in construction and industrial settings, custom safety nets help keep workers safe from falling objects and equipment. Additionally, custom cargo nets prevent loads from shifting during transportation, preventing costly damage and losses.

Custom netting is available in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. For example, nylon netting is durable and can be customized to meet your unique needs. It's also available in a variety of colors and thicknesses, ranging from 1/8 to 8 inch mesh. Additionally, nylon netting is available in monofilament, multifilament, and knotless varieties.

Polypropylene nets are a great option for athletic applications. These nets are lightweight and offer durability, while being cost-effective. They're available in a wide range of colors and have a high tensile strength. These nets can be customized to your exact specifications, including hemmed edges, rope and cord diameters, and netting strength.

Other types of netting include polyethylene and vinyl-coated polyester. Both are easy to work with and are durable. They're also affordable and offer a high tensile strength. They're a popular choice for baseball batting cages, hockey, and cargo netting applications.

Spectator safety nets are available in various forms, from simple backstops to full-sized arenas. These nets are designed to protect spectators from the risks of falling objects and provide a secure enclosure around the field or arena. They're also used in recreational activities, such as playgrounds, basketball courts, and tennis courts. In addition to sports nets, you can purchase safety nets for model flying and other indoor or outdoor activities.

Safety Nets

Safety nets are vital components in many environments and industries to catch falling objects or people, preventing severe injuries and deaths. These specialized nets are meticulously designed and tested to meet rigorous safety standards, providing a crucial layer of protection for workers in high-risk situations.

Installing a safety net requires consideration of the structure to which it is attached and the environment in which it will be used. The design of a safety net should ensure that it can deflect and absorb a person’s impact and should be installed at the minimum fall height for its type. A minimum catching width is also required to ensure that the net will trap a falling person safely.

When a safety net is installed, the catching width should be positioned at least 2.0 metres from the nearest edge of the structure to which it is being fixed. In addition, the net should be anchored with forged steel safety hooks or karabiners that are capable of withstanding a minimum breaking load of 5,000 pounds.

The net should be laced together using coupling rope that has a minimum tensile strength of 7.5kN and has been tested to BS EN 1263-1, clause 7.5. A coupler should be inserted through every second mesh and around both border ropes to give a lacing with gaps no greater than 100mm. The edges of the safety net should be knotted with repair twine, which must be of a thickness and material that is approved by the manufacturer as being suitable for use on their nets.

When the net is being installed, a test mesh should be loosely woven into the net so it can be removed one at a time for testing (see section 6 Inspections, testing, maintenance and repairs). It must be made of the same material and produced in the same batch as the net to which it is being attached, and must be a minimum 5.5mm wide and 2.5mm thick.

Stadium Nets

Whether you’re a sports fan who wants to watch the game with your family while feeling safe from foul balls or you just want to enjoy the game without worrying about getting hurt, stadium nets provide protection for spectators. Safety netting is an essential safeguard that effectively intercepts flying objects and prevents them from entering spectator areas, promoting the safety of fans and allowing them to focus on the game without distractions.

Netting manufacturers have incorporated high-tech, strong man-made materials in their production process to make more durable, long-lasting custom nets that offer the same functionality as traditional nets made from natural fibers. While nets were once crafted by hand, today’s technology means that a professional can enter the dimensions of a desired net into a computer and instantly create a custom net to fit those specific dimensions.

Nylon netting offers a number of key benefits that make it an ideal material for stadium netting. Besides being extremely durable and UV resistant, it has an excellent elasticity, which helps reduce the impact of errant shots and increases safety for both spectators and players alike. In addition, its mesh structure allows for clear sightlines and a great view of the field.

The use of nylon netting has become standard in many MLB stadiums, with over 30 teams currently using it to protect spectators from foul balls and other projectiles. Some teams have even extended their netting to reach down to the dugouts and foul poles.

Gourock provides a wide variety of high-performance netting, manufactured with a variety of materials and mesh sizes to meet the needs of different projects. We specialize in providing custom netting solutions for commercial sports facilities, city municipalities and parks, educational institutions and more. Gourock’s netting products are available in both nylon and high-performance Spectra and Dyneema-branded HMWPE, and can be built to the exact sizing required for each application.

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Custom nets are tailored to meet specific requirements for a variety of industries and applications. Whether for sports, safety, agriculture, or construction, customization ensures that the net performs optimally in its intended role.