Banking sector is flourishing at a great speed. In the recent few years, it has made considerable growth and also opened many branches of various banks in India. We all are dependent on banks, not only for our financial security but also to provide us with loans which fulfill our needs and desires of life. However, due to the opening of so many bank branches all over India, there is a major demand for bank personnel’s. For recruitment into these banks, many bank exams are held, which are very tough due to their requirement of high quality personnel. As the banks follow a low selection procedure, many candidates do not get a chance. IBPS, which is a leading recruiter for the banking sector, has introduced a new method of recruitment, which would be commenced in 2011. It is called the common written exam (CWE) which would be a common recruitment for all 19 public sector banks who have volunteered to participate. All the news about CWE would be available in the official website of IBPS or the various bank branches.
Banks have to offer a wide variety of jobs. These jobs provide a good income, extra incentives, high profile work and lot of responsibilities. Also, the timings of any bank job are quite flexible, and this makes bank jobs highly covered. What adds to their high demand is their acceptance of candidates from all academic streams. Candidates from any stream of academics are welcomed, provided they are between the age of 21 to 30 and have minimum qualification of a graduate. In such a case, candidates in large scale apply for a single vacancy, which makes it very difficult for the bank to choose. They choose the most capable, intelligent, and generally aware candidate. They require good responsible beings, which not only have good logical and mathematical skills, but also have good computer literacy and communication skills. Thus, many candidates lose a chance of getting recruited, not because he/she is not good, but because someone else is better and there are only limited seats. Therefore, IBPS has introduced the CWE in 2011 which means, if you clear this exam you will be eligible to apply directly in any of the banks involved, if a vacancy arises. However, clearing the exam would not be enough; you need to score well, as their preference would depend on the scores. If you require more information and all the recent new on CWE, search the internet, or go to the official website of IBPS. The branches of the participating banks can also provide you with information.
Therefore, if you have to apply for the CWE in 2011, grab all the important news and information. If you think you are capable and you have the zeal to compete with thousands of other aspiring candidates, enroll yourself and prove your worth.

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