Success is something we all desire in some shape or form. It is what will bring meaning and fulfilment into your experience. So you can choose to allow yourself to continue coasting through life and as you know, this will allow your life to only go in one direction – downhill. Or you can accept that success is a doing word and develop a success habit set to support you to take the goal specific actions you need to take daily to achieve exactly what you want.

Invest your Time each Day to Prosper
I want to offer you a few simple guidelines, to help you meet your commitments you have made with yourself. Although these guidelines are simple, the challenge you face, is that they are not easy to consistently do every day. We are pleasure seeking and pain avoiding by nature, so it is far easier to choose leisure over activity, laziness over commitment and clutter over focus. If you want to finally positively change things for the better in your life, it is going to require you to start believing in your future and you are going to have to commit to introduce a dirty four letter word in your life every day – “WORK”.

You do have Enough Time
Before you throw in the number one excuse most people use, as to why they do not achieve their potential, I want to completely dispel this myth. It is not a shortage of time you have, but rather a lack of commitment towards allocating your time to perform the right activities in a focused and organised fashion every day, which is keeping you trapped in average. If you are like the majority of people I meet, you work really hard, spinning your wheels, lost in distraction every day. It is time to wrestle back control of your life and to introduce a better system to help you use your time more effectively.

Wake Up Early
I know we all lose the battle of the bed and resign ourselves to remain glued to our beds, until the last possible minute every day. Getting out of bed as soon as you wake up is one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal of success. I refer to this as you daily “Activation Energy”. Once you have learnt the habit of waking up every day and you immediately, wake-up, get-up and start your day. You are setting the tone for an energised and powerful day of achievement.

On the other hand, when you lie glued to your mattress, regretting that the night is over and that you need to get up, you are setting a lacklustre tone for your day. You are starting your day off, by giving yourself permission to underperform and procrastinate. When you wake up early every day, whilst your competitors are still sleeping, you get a head start on them, by the time they are wiping their eyes out; you have a few hours of performance under your belt.

Distraction Destroys
Every time you allow yourself to be distracted during the day, by smart phones, incoming phone calls, social media or people walking into your office, it takes about seven minutes to refocus and get back to the same level of performance you were at before the interruption. So think about it, if you are interrupted throughout the day you are never ever really focused at all. No wonder you feel like you are exhausted and yet have achieved very little, each day.

This is where getting up early in the morning, gives you a huge advantage. It gives you a few hours, every day, to be completely focused, at the time of day when you are the most rested and energised, to actually get things done. If there is only one tip you take from this article, then make a commitment to wake up early every day. You will literally astound yourself at how much you will achieve every day, during these few hours of power.

Meet your Future, Every Day
It is important to know that each day you live, is a micro predictor of your future. Every moment spent in overwhelm or distraction means you will require another moment in the future, to invest towards creating the meaning and fulfilment you desire. This is why I suggest that you introduce a concept I refer to as “Meeting your future” into your life.

These are daily meetings you schedule into your calendar, in which you spend focused time working to carry out your daily goal specific actions. Those activities, which when carried out daily, will transform your life and allow you to finally start achieving all your goals and moving towards living your vision. Remember these are not meetings with yourself, which you can cancel, as when anything else comes up. They are the most important meetings you will conduct daily. These are “Meetings with you Future”, what could be more important than that.

Just as you would re-schedule a meeting with your most important client, if something really important came up, i.e. your house burnt down. So too must you never cancel a “Meeting with your Future”, reschedule it on the same day, if you really have to, but never ever cancel one.

Action Idea: It is unlikely that something will come up, first thing in the morning, so this is why I love to schedule all my “Meetings with my Future” during my hours of power, first thing every morning. This means that I am focused, rested, seldom, if ever distracted and never in need to cancel or postpone any of these crucial meetings.

No Need to Reboot your Life

It is not going to require a complete reboot of your life, to finally get you on the path towards super achievement. All that you need to do is make a few crucial shifts to your behaviour, where you can make better use of your available time and you will completely transform your life and dramatically improve your results.

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