Aries: Sacrifices of time may be made at work, home or in relationship in order to keep all balanced & productive.

Taurus: You may find that your creative ideas don't look the same in reality as they do in your imagination. Keep refining.

Gemini: New avenues of profit are only profitable if you have time for them. You may have to automate or delegate tasks.

Cancer: The moon in your sign gives you the extra dose of energy or determination to do all that needs to be done today.

Leo: Practice in your imagination to make perfect at work. You may not know how to do something, but imagine you can.

Virgo: Financial institutions, business partnerships or plans may require attention today. Having it your way may cost extra.

Libra: Partner and/or family may complain that they feel lonely, but you may feel they are needy, while work is demanding.

Scorpio: Be patient. The truth or genius ideas are often resisted when first presented. Resistance can be worn down.

Sagittarius: Look before you leap in matters of business, investment, money. Persistent work beats any get rich quick fix.

Capricorn: You're called upon to play a role you don't relish, or co-workers resist your ideas. Temporary discomfort.

Aquarius: Thinking "Worst case scenario" can cause physical & emotional stress. Seek advice, care for own needs first.

Pisces: Keep money, friends & business separate. Avoid making investments, loans, or gambling now while intuition is off.

The moon in the cardinal sign of Cancer today is not getting along well with Saturn in Libra, Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries, or Pluto, yet there is still a Grand Trine involving the sun in Taurus, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn that can keep you on track despite any conflicts or negative emotions that may arise today. Look to the positive and avoid the negative and practice being kind and patient when others are out of sorts.

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