Aries: Your energy & passion goes into achieving new levels of perfection in social skills, love & work. Fast track to a new you.

Taurus: Bringing more beauty or healing energy to the world begins with doing the same for yourself. Let intuition guide you.

Gemini: A friend or organization has information to help you in business or promotes you now. Expect an upswing in work.

Cancer: Emotions may be intense at home or with a partner early today, but things calm down as you work toward a shared goal.

Leo: A mate or someone who has a different, or unbiased view of your work has sound money making insight. Fresh perspective.

Virgo: Checking finances before making expenditures allows you to appreciate what you buy - not see it as a burden or mistake.

Libra: Demands of home or family come before your plans or pleasure early on, but you regain control of time as the day unfolds.

Scorpio: Open up to a friend who knows you well, or turn to a source of spiritual guidance to help you clarify purpose & direction.

Sagittarius: An opportunity to give a friend or organization your time or money can help your reputation & social standing.

Capricorn: One last push can turn a previous no to a yes in career, sales, writing, or other opportunity you've been pursuing.

Aquarius: Discontent early in the day can bring sudden inspiration or help you prioritize steps necessary to enact positive changes.

Pisces: Finding the right match between your business needs & financial backing or creativity & audience may mean trial & error.

The moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra today forms a challenging square aspect to powerful Pluto in Capricorn early today and a mild semi-sextile to Mars in Virgo later this evening. For the majority of the day, no other lunar aspects of significance occur. Like bookends, these two lunar aspects hold the activities of your day between a recognition of something being less than the perfection or harmony you expect, or a person or problem standing in the way of your plans for the day, and culminating in a practical resolution or action taken. Today is not a day for new beginnings, but a day to tweak existing plans or projects and speak with people who are a part of them. Libra energy rules perfection, balance, equality, harmony, beauty, etiquette, aesthetics, strategy and design. Use the energy of today to sand and polish the edges of anything that feels rough. How can you make things better?

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at