Aries: Listen to your intuition & no second guessing when it comes to work or health. You have an inner wisdom - trust it.

Taurus: Do what feels right to you, even if it is not popular. Tell a friend the truth if they ask for your opinion or advice.

Gemini: An at home business or your work day may seem more like a social event. Friends can become clients or clients, friends.

Cancer: It takes repetition or clarification to get your ideas or plans accepted by others, but the end goal makes it worthwhile.

Leo: A business partnership or financial plan is sound but there is delay or distraction before expectation becomes manifestation.

Virgo: Look at yourself, before faulting others. You are lovable just as you are & you can love others despite their imperfection.

Libra: Act confident & calm - even if it's an act. The more you do it, the more natural confidence becomes until fears evaporate.

Scorpio: Being overly friendly at work may not be viewed as good service, but as goofing off. But whose perception matters?

Sagittarius: If you're home, you may feel you should be working. If at work, home life occupies your thoughts. What feels right?

Capricorn: Your attachment to a desired result is making others resist your plans or sales pitch. Soft sell, be patient & wait.

Aquarius: While you are excited about a business idea & know what must be done to succeed, you may resist spending to do it.

Pisces: A friend could ask, "What do you see if him/her?". Is it a case of opposites attract or not wanting to be alone?

An odd mix of energy follows yesterday's new moon in Pisces today, as you attempt to integrate disparate plans, people, thoughts or feelings. The mutable Pisces moon forms a conjunction to Mercury, the planet of thoughts and speech, and together they oppose Mars, the planet of action, in detail oriented Virgo. Mars forms an uncertain, tension producing quincunx to Venus, planet of affection and pleasure, in "me first" Aries. You feel ready to run with the new beginnings the new moon hinted at, but it may not be easy. There could be impractical parts to your plans or resistance or interruptions from others. People may just not see how important something is to you, because they could be self absorbed or lost in space. I have the vision of a child asking mother for permission to have or do something, and mother saying, "Go ask your father." - asking father and hearing, "Go ask your mother." *sigh*
Shrug irritations off today, keep building your plans in your own mind, slow down a bit, be patient and give the new moon energies a chance to be integrated in yourself and in others.

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Dunnea Rae is a professional, experienced astrologer specializing in natal chart interpretation and relationship guidance. She offers her consultations and services through her own site at