Aries: Communicate honestly with a mate or anyone you must work with who is helping you toward a goal & dreams come true.

Taurus: The things you enjoy doing or your personal tastes may not be the same as a friend's, but you love them anyway.

Gemini: A friend, possibly female, may have experience or knowledge in another field that could still apply to your work. Listen.

Cancer: Money may be spent on travel for business or upgrading your current communication or computer equipment.

Leo: If you are out, you may wish to escape back to home - if you are home, you may feel guilty for not working. Bit of both, maybe?

Virgo: Try to spend time with a partner & friends or a group simultaneously, or "work the crowd" to maximize your efforts.

Libra: Work becomes home away from home, or you're determined to be your own boss so you can be home more - but it's still work!

Scorpio: If you adjust your preferences or performance to please someone else, be sure you are happy with the changes, too.

Sagittarius: Home improvements or a family project take as much time, thought & effort as your paid work - enlist friends to help.

Capricorn: Local errands or collecting information on a possible relocation may mix fun & friendship. Productive play.

Aquarius: Your focus is on money, self worth, personal power & how to do business as a person who means to be successful.

Pisces: The stars bring uncertainty to love. If you're so sympatico, where is that special feeling? Temporarily disconnected.

Crazy thoughts or impatience are brought on by Mercury, the planet of mind and transportation, conjunct eccentric change maker, Uranus, in the cardinal fire sign of upstart Aries, quincunx restrictive Saturn in the relationship minded air sign of Libra today. Saturn is cooling down affectionate, pleasure loving Venus in assertive Aries, through an opposition, but stimulates a desire to express romantic feelings or creativity, through a gentle trine to inspiring Neptune in dreamy Pisces. The moon in the cardinal water sign of emotional Cancer supports the sun in Pisces and Mars, the planet of action, in practical Virgo, but Mars and the sun are battling each other through an opposition. Neptune in Pisces is sextile Venus in Aries, and is also semi-sextile Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. OK, so what does all this mean for us today? We may be eager to woo someone or we are assuming folks want the same things we want or will follow us merrily in our plans, but things may not be as we perceive them to be, folks may want to do their own thing, or outside influences disrupt or delay things. Things are not easy peasy today. All the best expressions of a Cancer moon cycle, such as nurturing, inclusiveness, and the desire to share emotions is present, but the "receiver" may not tuned to your station. Expect some static, erratic responses, or timing issues today. If you are falling in love or dating someone, hold off on making strong emotional overtures and avoid appearing too needy or clingy. It's better to keep the mystery afloat today than to sink the ship before it gets out of the harbor. If you are in an established relationship, there should be enough foundation to keep your romance secure today, even if there are disagreements or conflicts of interest - you may even learn something new about your beloved. If you are in an uncertain relationship, you may become even more confused today, as the moon makes the whole subject of give and take, and symbiosis, important. This is the day where you may examine your feelings about someone. Can you tolerate their faults and foibles? Has their particular habit or repeated joke or story become intolerable? Are they there when you need them on the emotional level? Can you be there for them at a deep emotional level? If all this relationship stuff feels too sticky and complicated now, put it aside for today and use the planetary energy to try on creative interests for a good fit, go shopping for things that bring you comfort, or share your feelings with long time friends who like and support you, no matter what. Like Ringo Starr sings - "It Don't Come Easy" today - but there is still plenty to enjoy if you can stay openhearted, peaceful, and trust that everything will work out for the best.

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