Aries: Diplomacy or proper rules of conduct apply at work today. You are striving for perfection or mastery & recognition.

Taurus: Leave no stone unturned when seeking information or communicating. Obtain all facts before coming to an agreement.

Gemini: Streamline your work or business methods or office - Feng Shui?. If shopping, look for classics & timeless beauty.

Cancer: Discuss home improvements or relocation with a mate &/or family. Strive for what is logical, but pleasing to all.

Leo: At work, it seems that A must be done before B before C. Pay attention to the necessary order & avoid shortcuts.

Virgo: Indecision or poor choices surround money. Postpone shopping or what you buy may stay unworn or seldom used.

Libra: If someone is pushing your buttons, remember the mirror affect. Maybe there is something you need to look at in yourself.

Scorpio: Decisions made yesterday may feel extreme now or cause you doubt or worry. This is temporary - look further ahead.

Sagittarius: A friend, an organization, or new hobby interest may try convincing you to spend or lend more than you can afford.

Capricorn: Don't "throw the baby out with the bathwater" or "cut off your nose to spite your face." Accept human imperfection.

Aquarius: Communicate to release old contracts or arrangements that are no longer ideal. Make space for something better.

Pisces: A review of your bank, lending institution or investment broker may be in order. Do you feel good about their practices?

The moon is in the sober, reserved and structured cardinal earth sign of Capricorn today, emphasizing endurance and systems. It will be forming a challenging square aspect to Saturn, Venus, and Mercury in the cardinal air sign of Libra, which will be felt throughout the day. The combined energy of Saturn (work, authority, responsibility) and Venus (affections, what feels good or familiar) and Mercury (thought and communication) in diplomatic, rational, precise, relationship minded Libra meeting the energy of such a stern moon raises the bar on everything that you may do today. The need to be perfect or right can be used effectively to improve things but could also stand in the way of cooperation. It may also lead to disappointment in yourself or others if you are expecting more than is reasonable or humanly possible. Just do your best and assume everyone else is doing the best they can, too.

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