“If we speak of preaching the gospel, we mean telling the world of the Spiritual Kingdom – speaking from the absolute standpoint.” Scientific Mental Christian Practice – Emma Curtis Hopkins

“Today my words and actions reflect my inner confidence in God. God’s Kingdom is revealed through me.” 40 Days with Emma Curtis Hopkins – Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis

I am more than okay. I am the living power and presence of God manifesting in human form here on earth; we all are. In quantum physics we learn that there are thousands, millions, trillions of possibilities in the world and we collapse and experience what we put our attention on. God always IS, therefore I AM and you are. I choose to align with the absolute knowingness and be grateful for my life exactly as it is and exactly as it is not. As I look out at the grand field of possibility, I choose to create the reality that feeds my soul, sings my heart, and nourishes my mind. I know today that the Universe and this field of infinite possibilities are available to me and every living being. I let go of my limited thinking, I expand my mental equivalent I look out and I know that I create based on my thoughts, my beliefs and my feelings. No one holds me back except myself, so I kick down those barriers of fear and I breathe in the greatness, the energy that is God allowing that breath to fill me up. I breathe out and release any thought, feeling or idea back into the energy of God where it is washed clean with the pureness and perfection of what is. God is therefore I AM; Intention, Attention, Manifestation. I name the whats and God easily, gratefully and joyously provides all the hows. I align with that Truth, I gleefully play in the field of possibilities knowing that I create my own reality. I am so grateful for this knowing, for this feeling of oneness, for this absolute connectedness with Source that I feel the vibration in every fiber of my being; it IS all God. God already knows this, the Universe never struggles or doubts. As I release this Truth back to the Cosmos, I see the stars twinkle at night saying YES, thank you for aligning, thank you for knowing; the shift happens individually in each of us. I let go and I let GOD and so it IS

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