A pawn shop Brick is a good place if you need a few extra dollars and have something that you want to pawn or sell.  If you decided to pawn the item for a cash loan then you will have to repay that loan plus interest within a certain date.  If you do not, then the pawnshop can sell your item to get back the money they lent you.  In addition to pawning or selling your items, you can also purchase things for as much as seventy percent cheaper than you would pay in a retail store.   To deal with a pawnshop you should make sure that you do your homework before you visit one.

Getting cash

If you are pawning or selling something, make sure that it has some value, preferably a high value so you can get a good price or loan on it.  C

  • When bringing in glass items, look for brand names to help determine its value. Two names of valuable glassware would be Limoges or Baccarat
  • With jewelry, you want to see what it is stamped with. The pieces that are almost worthless would be the ones stamped gold plated (GP), heavy gold electroplated (HGE), or rolled gold plated (RPG).  You should also look for the stamp PT, 750, 78, 18k, or 750/1000 as these are platinum or 18 karat gold and would bring a good price

Sell or Pawn

When trying to decide whether to pawn or sell the item ask the shop the time you have to pay the loan back, which is between 90 and 120 days.  You also want to ask the interest rate and if there are any fees for pawning an item.  Once you have that information then you can decide if you will be able to repay the loan.  Knowing this will help you decide if you can pawn it and repay the loan to get it back.  If the item has no sentimental value you should sell it and save the interest that would be charged.

Research your item

When dealing with a pawn shop Freehold you should do some research on the items to see the value of it.  This will help to insure that you are getting a fair price whether you pawn or sell it.  You may also want to have it appraised if you think it is very valuable.


When selling or pawning an item you will not get full value for it.  You may get between thirty and sixty percent of the value.  Check out several pawnshops before choosing one. Choose a pawnshop that has been around for years.  Also, make sure that the item is appealing to the owner so you will get the most for it.

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