Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life for all of us. Whether on the first day of school or a new job, each and every one of us has been anxious at one point or another in our lives.

It is one thing to worry about something, or to be anxious if some event is approaching, but when you become obsessed with worry is when you are moving into the realm of having a problem managing anxiety.

A little bit of anxiety is actually good to have though. For instance, if you were out in nature and you came across a wild animal you would want some anxiety. This fear would help you to recognize the danger you are in so that you could escape that danger you are facing, and ultimately help you get out of it safely.

Again, this type of anxiety is completely normal and healthy for all people to have at times. When the anxiety becomes out of control and you don't feel like you can function normally is when it becomes a big problem for most folks.

If you think that you are having anxiety that is happening more than you would like you should look out for some symptoms. You heart may race for no reason, or you may have a lot of trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep or being unable to fall asleep is very common for a lot of anxiety sufferers.

Another thing that happens to people is that they feel disconnected. It feels like you are living in a cartoon, or watching the world happen from outside of your body. Although these feelings of derealization may be frightening, they are very normal among anxiety sufferers as well.

These feelings and symptoms can come on out of nowhere, and last anywhere from a few minutes to sometimes an hour or more. In addition, you can have several panic attacks during one day or you may not have any for many days in a row. A frustrating thing about anxiety and panic attacks are that they are very random in nature.

There is no question that living with these symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks is not fun, and quite scary. There are ways that you can live without these thoughts and feelings though. Finding the right tools to combat your anxiety is the first step in conquering your fear, and living anxiety-free.

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