We all have so many decisions to make every day. You may need to decide if you will drink a protein shake or eat a donut for breakfast, exercise or relax, take the new job at a different company or stay with the present one, or take a chance and open your heart to that new love interest in your life. You may need to decide when and how you will talk to your partner about the dent in the car fender, that the trash that wasn’t taken out last night, or that your child is having difficulties in school. Decisions range from the mundane to the important, from the logical to the emotional, and from the simple to the complex.

Mundane, simplistic decisions are the easy ones. It’s the more complex ones that take our time and increase our stress because the repercussions are generally more profound. Sometimes we talk to our Aunt Millie because she had a similar experience many moons ago. Other times we talk to our good friends, co-workers, or even strangers to get perspectives different than our own. We research the internet, go to the Library (does anyone still go there?), or read a newspaper or magazine to find helpful information. Some of us will ask the Universe or God for information as well. We can be very diligent as we do all the research, analyze all the data, formulate all our plans, and then make our decisions.

When we compile all the advice from our respected and trusted sources, we need to consider that this information comes from the cumulated life experiences of others. This valuable information is important in our process.

One additional source I would like you to consider is tapping into your own knowingness. That place in yourself that has all the correct answers for you. All the answers you seek are inside you, even when they appear to come from outside of yourself. When the teacher says something and you say to yourself, “oh yes, that is the correct thing, yes, I know that”, the teacher has only shown you your own inner knowing.

You can access your knowingness by becoming quiet and being with your Crown Chakra. You don't need to be a clairvoyant or psychic to do this. Ask the Crown Chakra any question you desire. When you get the answer, look at it for a moment or two or three to understand it. You may get an expansive answer or a detailed one. You can ask clarifying questions once you’ve taken the time to know each segment of the answer. Accept the information even if it doesn’t seem correct or make sense at the time. Eventually you will understand the value of the information you receive. Telling yourself that the information you get is not good or correct shuts down the process. Each time you get in touch with and use your Crown Chakra the easier it will become.

So, next time you need to make a decision, investigate all the sources you feel are necessary then get in touch with your Crown Chakra. You’ll be surprised how much easier and clearer your decisions will be.

Author's Bio: 

As a Renowned Spiritual Healer and Teacher, and Master Energy Worker, Nanette assists men and women in releasing the accumulated energies that create life’s road blocks. Her mission is to help men and women uncover their power and re-discover the remarkable spirit they are. When these changes are realized, people begin to live the life they were meant to live. They see opportunities that were hidden from view, then take steps to accomplish new goals that they had previously believed to be improbable.

Being a psychic from birth, Nanette began to naturally heal family, friends, and pets at an early age. These special gifts allow her to discover the core issues within a person that are linked to life’s road blocks, and then to assist that person with warmth, gentleness, and humor to release those road blocks. She is the one that everyone, friends and strangers alike, talk to about their deepest, darkest secrets.

Nanette’s education began over 40 years ago and includes certifications in Clairvoyance, Spiritual Techniques, Transmediumship, Spiritual Teaching, Spiritual Ministry, and Hands on Healing. Through the years she has studied healing modalities from around the world, attended many seminars, learned from a Native American Shaman, and is an ordained spiritual minister.