There is something undeniably attractive about a beautifully decorated bed, layered with all types of pillows, sheets, comforters and likes. But more than this, a perfectly proportioned bedside table draws everyone eye towards them if decorated amazingly. They are the units which comes with shelves and drawers and are the smallest furniture unit in the bedroom. They are the units which provide a style and decor to the space. So, to make wooden bedside table more than a decor dream, take a look at some of the tips to create a little style sanctuary next to the comfortable bed.
1. Set the scene: Start styling the bed side table by considering the theme of the room. Think about the headboard of the bed, lighting, wall beside and above the bed. If you have upholstered headboard with tufted button pattern, then a simple night table will do the work. Likewise, if your bed is simple in style then try to pair it with a table having beautiful patterns.
2. Add interest with art: Artwork is the perfect way to add a character to the bedroom. You can either hung them above the centre of the bed. Or you can arrange multiple prints on the either side of the bed. Try to go for the artworks which helps create a coherence in the space.
3. Ponder a pendant: If you want to bring originality and elegance in the space, then hang a small pendant light above the side table. Just be sure to consider the position of the bed and decor of the space. This is because, when you want to move the table, you don't have to book the electrician before.
4. Select a space-saving element: If you want clutter free and neatly organised bedside table, then instead of hanging a light, opt for the wall-mounted sconce with a switch. This will not only save space but will also give the room a style and dim light.
5. Get the right height: When buying new bedside table online, make sure you measure the height of the bed. As a general rule, nightstand slightly taller than the top of the mattress provides the space with a marvellous appeal. Smaller tables can look lost, particularly if the bed has the rounded back that doesn't sit flat against the wall.
6. Style with symmetry: Setting the side table in a symmetrical manner enhances the overall look and feel of the space. It provides a balance to the room. So, decorate it with same style vases, lamps, small and pretty things. A couple’s nightstand contents don’t have to be identical as that would be impractical.
7. Swap in some storage: If you crave for a sleek and simple side table, but find your table always piled up with books, important files and other bits and pieces. Then, consider switching to a small wooden chest of drawer. This type of storage unit will provide lots of drawers to organise the things, and there would be no excuse for an uncluttered bedside table.
8. Accent with stylish accessories: A few carefully chosen beautiful and designer accessories are all it takes to make the table an eye-arresting unit. You can decorate it with a silver polish tray, a lampshade having a beautiful pattern, travel souvenirs, favourite books and likes. They will add colour and interest to the space.
9. Try a two-in-one: If your room has small floor space, then choose a wooden bedside table that can be used for other purposes as well. For example, you can use the ladder-style shelf. This can work as a bookshelf. You can also decorate it with light to make a practical but minimalistic addition.
10. Go for glass top: If you love to have breakfast in the bed or love to layer your skin with lotion before sleeping, then it is good to opt for the side table having glass top. This is because they are stain-proof and easy to clean. Also they will provide the room a bigger and brighter look.
Bedside tables are the second most important furniture unit in the bedroom. They amplify the decor of the space and provides an organized and inviting look. They can be placed on either or both sides of the bed and can be used in a number of ways. So decorate them amazingly by following the above mention ways and gift a charming makeover to space.

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