Defensive Walls

Quote: "Let down your guard and release the walls of safety. Defense mechanisms will weigh you down. They are too heavy to carry around."

We learned how to defend ourselves from the offenses of the world through our caregivers, environment, and societies troubles. We never realized these powerful defense mechanisms would grow as thorn in our sides. They stifle our growth from building healthy relationships by giving up or from not trying. If you are willing to let down these walls to protect, your heart will open up to the new ideas you used to reject. We cannot use defensive tactics to get what we want in life. Release your defenses used for protection and as a way to survive.

In the early stages of childhood, we perceived the world from our caregivers as the truth to reality. Whether we grew up in a healthy or unhealthy environment, as adults we can still feel the disconnection mentally, emotionally and physically. If we grew up in a healthy environment, we learned to see the world with much excitement and curiosity. Living in an unhealthy environment, we incorporated a dysfunctional perception of the world with a sense of insecurity. We denied ourselves the possibility to think the world had good intentions but instead learned to build self-inflicted defense mechanisms. When the mind goes into attack mode so does the heart. When you resist the inner child, your wounds stay where they are. As adults, we believe the world is not on our side. Do we have to look at the world from the aspect of "protect and survive?" Why do we believe the world is out to get us? Could it be because we live our lives through others? The wounds we still carry around within us are usually hurts from the past. Let go of your past hurts and give the world a chance. If you live with resentment in your hearts, these emotions will continue to tear you apart. Get to the root from where it all started. Be your own individual and search for true answers. Look at your life and notice if you continue to repeat the same lessons. We cannot run from our reflections. They provide us with a higher sense of awareness. How do you react to people today? Do you become defensive from perceiving and judging what they say? If you can learn to let go of identifying your life challenges as painful experiences. God will turn your pain around and see you to redemption. As a child exposed to anger, sadness and depression, we feel these emotions and still resist the lesson. It is time to be the adult and love all of your being. Open your eyes and focus on what you are seeing. It does not take much but learning how to trust. Open your heart and allow it to adjust. You must believe and have faith in your self. As you grow into the new you, put those old defensive tactics back on the shelf. Below you will find different types of defense mechanisms. Check out the categories and see which ones relate to your inner healing.
1. Denial
2. Regression
3. Acting Out
4. Dissociation
5. Compartmentalization
6. Projection
7. Reaction Formation
8. Repression
9. Displacement
10. Intellectualization
11. Rationalization
12. Undoing
13. Sublimation
14. Compensation
15. Assertiveness
It is time to recreate new systems of beliefs. Let go of the old way of thinking and choose to be what you want to be.

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