You are spiritual by nature which means that your inborn capacity to live within the meaning of human experience and participate in the development of consciousness is a process waiting to form over time. The depth, the extent to which this capacity forms, depends upon you. Spiritual illumination comes with honest effort - do not expect it to drop out of the sky or come in a special, hand-delivered envelope.

Where to start? The desire to grow in wisdom and understanding is a first step. At birth as you are trying to make sense of the everyday world, your spiritual awareness takes the opportunity to grow as meaning forms. Insight will evolve as you grow within a willingness to explore questions and change personal attitudes.

From your early days until the present, the ordinary world has offered endless opportunities to mature in a process of discovery leading to deeper insight into the mystery of Life. Because these experiences occur every day in the context of personal history, your interpretation of them plays a big part in the direction you take. Exploring the emotional history of your life can reveal the unresolved issues that might be delaying, distorting or misdirecting your natural desire to grow in Spirit. Problems, pain, human suffering of all kinds will strengthen your interior life if these are grounded in the attitude of personal accountability. Without honest self-evaluation, your spiritual path can seem to go around in circles.

You may choose a specific belief system within a religion to guide you, and you may rely upon your insight and personal experiences to deepen your spiritual journey. You may seek out life lessons found in literature, art, music, philosophy. There are many religions, many teachers, many spiritual disciplines to inspire, guide, inform your spiritual journey – all are vehicles to carry your process of developing awareness leading to your inner Wisdom. But finally the most important spiritual tools to take on you spiritual journey will be your attitude of interest, your openness to discovery, your willingness to discard fixed interpretations. These will allow you to choose the appropriate path as you direct yourself forward.

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Trusting the emerging process of inner wisdom and its schedule for insight and inspiration was a 25 year project completed now as Our Journey to the Sky - A Guide to the process of Spiritual Formation. During this extended period, Mary K DeLurgio led hundreds of personal journal keeping, self exploration workshops and classes. Observing the life process of these participants as well as her own has led to deep insight into the natural process of spiritual formation at work in the ordinary life of any human being. Currently, using her book as a manual, she is leading an ongoing group as they develop their spiritual awareness using journal writing techniques. She is a practicing psychotherapist living in Southern California with her husband and she is the mother of four sons. Spiritual Tools

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Dr. Rebbie Straubing is a pioneer of spiritual healing and an internationally acclaimed student of the Abraham-Hicks teachings. In her unusual work, Rebbie prefers to replace the word "healing" with the phrase "Joyful Harmonious Expressiveness" or simply "jhe" and she has developed the groundbreaking system of spiritual healing called "YOFA jhe Sessions."

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