Anyone who has been through this will tell you just how incredibly helpless, useless and despairing one can feel.

Depression numbs and throws into reverse the will to exist, it instantly takes you out of society and spills you deep into your lowest self, it brings your energy and capabilities to a shuddering halt, your self-image deteriorates and your self-worth vanishes.

Depression to put it simply, is the nemesis of what being a human being is all about.

Many professions make a significant financial success from those of us unfortunate to be affected by this debilitating emotion. If we took a step back and lived the ‘every decision has a consequence’ adage, we will recognise that we can CHOOSE to remain in a state of flux, or take positive action that will lead to a positive outcome.

I once was told that the difference between man and beast is that we have the power of choice. Some people believe that everything we experience is pre-ordained; it is somehow our destiny – in other words, if you do absolutely nothing from this moment on, you will end up where you are apparently supposed to be.

It’s my prediction that if you do absolutely nothing from this moment on, I can assure you that the world will not stop, but you will almost certainly have achieved your goal of absolutely NOTHING!

Take it from me, you are empowered to exist, create, explore and make choices, so make THIS choice…

Read with passion and often - At no time will I allow myself to succumb to negative thought; I am empowered through the will of my human spirit to improve every corner of my life. I am improving my life, I am making the positive choices that will change my life, and I will always prevail. All knowledge, all experiences, all outcomes are of my choosing. I make the decisions and from these come the consequences, I AM ALWAYS IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE.

Author's Bio: 

John’s innate passion is to highlight and then nurture the hidden talents and strengths within others; to teach lessons of self-reflection and growth using his core life experiences, proven commercial knowledge, relaying inspiration, training and drive to succeed.

In 2001 John authored the in demand ‘health-check’ publication Little Book of Self Empowerment, published by Janus Publishing – whereby he instils; what has been described as "beautifully formed droplets of wisdom" covering a comprehensive range of subjects from Depression to Family, to Pain and Anxiety.

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