Summer or winter doesn’t matter, McCall is a year-round destination offering tourists with incredible vacation experience. This town is a jewel of the valley country, Idaho that remains fully covered with snow during winter. Tourists enjoy popular adventure activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and tubing during that season. However, summers remain equally amazing with lush green vegetation, and opportunity for lots of summer adventure activity like swimming, jet boat ride, kayaking, etc. There are some excellent resorts to stay, like the Rustic Inn and enjoy luxurious holidays spending time with your family. This destination guide to McCall, Idaho, serves as a handbook for the top things to see and do during your visit to this four-season tourist spot.

But do you know?

  • One-third of America’s potatoes come from Idaho.
  • Idaho is nicknamed as the ‘Gem State’ because over seventy types of stones are found over here.
  • The deepest George in the United States, Hell’s Canyon around 8,000 feet deep is found here.
  • You find the largest man-made geyser in Idaho.
  • The largest reported potato chips, 25 inches by 14 inches is found at The Idaho Potato Museum.

Having said so, let us learn more about McCall and why it is a popular tourist destination.

How to reach McCall, Idaho?

From the capital city Boise, McCall is just a two hours pleasant drive through the Payette River Scenic Byway. Once you reach the downtown McCall, you can walk around and explore the town at your own pace. If you are an international traveler to reach McCall, you have to travel via the USA.

Top 5 things to do in McCall

Visit Payette Lake

The turquoise water of the Payette Lake attracts tourists to visit and enjoy the lake as well as the stunning surrounding natural beauty. The lake spans across a total area of over 5,000 acres and around 400 feet deep. Tourists spend time on this lake doing many recreational activities like boating, fishing, paddle boarding, etc. You can also enjoy jet skiing and swimming on the clear lake water that gives a mesmerizing experience. There are many festivals celebrated over here and the Payette Cup Regatta is one of the popular festivals celebrated during the month of June.

Visit Ponderosa State Park

Ponderosa State Park is a nice family park spread across an area of over 400 hectares and includes a part of the Payette Lake. Summers remain ideal time when visitors enjoy camping and picnicking. There are many hiking trails ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Winters are equally amazing as the whole place gets covered under the snow. Popular winter activities are snowshoeing and skiing. The park is surrounded by a large number of tall pine trees, and you also find many animals during your visit. This park is a great place to visit and enjoy all around the year.

Activity Barn

At Activity Barn you can enjoy the popular snow tubing activity as the entire area remains covered with snow. Just get into the snow tube and get rolling on the long stretched ice-covered mountain enjoying breathtaking views. It’s a six-kilometer-long trail where you spend time with your family doing this most amazing recreational and fun-filled activity.

Salmon River

Salmon River is an ideal place for you to enjoy the white water rafting. The clear azure water and a deep canyon gorge are ideal combinations for experiencing a thrilling water activity. The length of this water trail is spread across over 680 kilometers and is the longest free-flowing river. It has different kind of rapids like from stiff falls to medium falls and you can choose your trail accordingly. The whole rafting adventure activity lasts for a day and almost over eight hours giving a thrilling experience.

Central Idaho Historical Museum

The Central Idaho Historical Museum has eight buildings spread across an area of over 1.5 hectares. Over here you find different photos and historic exhibits. The Fire Warden’s House remains the most prominent building which is popular for its stunning architecture. Admission tickets are charged only for the Warden’s House, but, the remaining buildings of the museums are free to explore and enjoy.

What is the most famous festival in McCall?

The McCall Winter Carnival is the most famous festival that takes place every year from the end of January until the first week of February. A large number of tourists, almost over 60,000 in numbers visits McCall each year to attend this winter carnival. Many entertainment activities take place during this carnival which includes live music, art auctions, and comedy shows, etc.

What are the top Places to Eat in McCall?

There are many popular places to eat and fill your appetite when you visit McCall. My Father’s Place, The Pancake House, Ice Cream Alley, Red Pavilion, Growler’s Pizza and Grill are the top five best places where you can visit and fill your appetite any time of the day.

What is the best place to stay in McCall?

There is no shortage of luxury resorts and hotels in McCall and the list is large. However, it is important to select your hotel properly so that you get a luxurious staying experience and all the attractions remain easily accessible. Rustic Inn is one such properly offering an exceptional staying experience. The property is located at a distance of only 4 miles from the Payette Lake. All major attractions are at a nearby distance including local shopping areas. The property has single, double, a king room and suite rooms with all modern amenities offering great hospitality service. Staying in this hotel and enjoying the lake and surrounding natural beauty remains a unique experience.

Are you visiting McCall this summer?

There are many nice places to see in McCall and enjoy the stunning atmosphere and food during your stay. The list of attractions is also plenty along with so many unique celebrations and events that take place all around the year. Winter Festival, Bike Month, June Bark in the Park and the list are long. So, make a travel plan and visit McCall this summer for a rewarding experience.





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