The Development of Communication Skills

Communication is nothing more than getting people to understand what’s on your mind or understanding exactly what they are thinking. The successful communicator is also able to get people to follow because they understand how to motivate people to do what they want. Communication skills begin to develop in childhood as soon as the baby understands that he or she is a person also and that they need to find a way to let people know exactly what’s on their mind.

The extrovert is normally a better communicator than the introvert because the extrovert is practiced in exerting power over his or her environment whereas the introvert is a reflective type of person. The introvert also interacts with the outside reality but they react by appreciating it rather than attempting to control it. The child who will be an extrovert learns early on how to manipulate the people around him or her, but the introverted child may just be content observing the environment.

The more that the child gets practice in exerting their communication skills the better they become. Communication is a constant growing process and the extrovert is constantly applying what they have learned to different situations. As the extrovert grows older he or she hones their communication skills to a fine point.

Manipulative people will normally talk constantly in order to convince others to go along with their plans. They live for the feeling of power that they get from exerting their influence over others. I have even seen those who delight to induce fear in others and seem to enjoy the look of fear on others if they can elicit it. I have also noticed that when those same people fail to get the fear response from others they don’t seem to know what to do next. The best way to deal with this type person is simply not to allow them to intimidate you. You don’t have to argue with them just don’t allow them to elicit a reaction of fear from you.

External personality traits are those that are visible from outside and internal traits are those that are not visible externally. Traits like your dressing sense, the way you carry yourself, the way you walk and talk, your etiquettes, etc are all part of your external personality. On the other hand, traits like honesty, integrity, compassion, sincerity, level of intellect, etc are traits that are difficult to judge externally. Here, we talk about personality development from the perspective of communication skills i.e. an external personality trait.

Speech is our primary means of communication but our interactions are guided more by nonverbal cues which we receive from others. The gangster or robber knows just how far to push their victims by the reactions that they get. As a matter of fact they can identify a person as a potential victim by observing their demeanor and attitude. They know an easy mark when they see one. One thing that I learned growing up was that when I went to a strange part of my city or an area where I didn’t know the people was to never show fear. At the same time I knew not to act cocky at all because both of these are indicators of being uncertain and fearful.
I was able to avoid serious trouble many times by nonverbal communication. The good communicator is alert to all the cues coming from the person that he is communicating with. The best communicators will respond to these cues immediately to win the support or get the understanding of the person who they are communicating with. The Good Life

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