If you just wish or believe in something, you must hold on and be dedicated to that which you believe. Belief acts as a cohesion of sorts between you and what you believe in. Usually your belief is not enough to unite you with that which you believe. The Magic occurs when your belief transforms into KNOWING.

When you know that something is so, you naturally let go -
there is no need to hold on; no further thought, intention or tension is necessary. Your knowing is what makes the greater part of you into that which you know.

"I Know" is the Abracadabra of the Universe.

When you truly know something, there is no doubt, hesitation or interruption between you and that which you know.

I am not talking about "third party knowing" that is passed down through an eternal source such as religion, dogma or socialization. I am talking about the knowing that you organically arrive at, when you are connected to that which you are. The kind of Knowing that creates universes, heals the sick and opens the gates to your intrinsic power as creator of your life.

Each one of us has had experiences where we just KNEW that something was so; and nothing and no one could talk us out of it. Our knowing transcended logic and even possibility.
Our knowing was unshakable.This knowing was likely a spontaneous and unpredictable experience that seemed to happen to us.

Mastery occurs when you can intentionally (and at will), arrive at a Sense of Knowing for everything that you choose in life.

Knowing is the 7th Sense - it is the "Sense of Creation."
It can be developed into what might seem like a Super Power of sorts.

How do you develop your 7th Sense?

Practical Development of your 7th Sense might look like:

Instead of worrying that your kids are safe,
Know that they are.

Instead of doubting your abundance,
Know that it guaranteed.

Instead of wondering if the right partner will come along,
Know that it is already so.

Instead of waiting to feel better,
Know that you are already well.

Instead of expecting traffic to be stalled,
Know that it is flowing.

Instead of waiting to get hired for that job you want,
Know that your acceptance has already happened.

What is the distinction between Knowing and expectation?
Try each one of these on and notice the difference.
How does it feel when you know something?
How does it feel when you expect something?
You might find that expectation is urgent, closed and pulls you out of the moment, while knowing is relaxed, open and keeps you connected to this moment.

Expectation happens in the future.
Knowing is Now; hence the now in kNOW.

What is it that you KNOW?
What KNOWING could change your life?

All the POWER of the UNIVERSE is within you NOW.
Use it wisely and with clear intention.

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Nanice is author of 7 inspirational books, host of Chai with Nanice on LA Talk Radio, Publisher and owner of ECKO House Publishing and creator of DivineSpirations. Please visit her website for tons of free articles and show downloads at