Case Study: Sheree O of Hobart Tasmania, Australia.
Herbal remedies treatment…?
Indeed… no doubt, God sent!!


This is her story:

A couple of months ago, I received an e-mail from the woman who identified herself as a spasmodic dysphonia sufferer. Her name was Sheree O.

Please see below to read her original e-mail to me.

It speaks for itself:


Hello Diana,

My name is Mrs. Sheree O and I live in Hobart Tasmania in Australia and have had adductor dysphonia since 2013. I have just turned 50 years old and I subscribed to your newsletter just over a year ago.

I have been really wanting to be able to come to you and was looking to either get to see you if possible in July this year but I do have problems with my ears when flying and also I do get tired out quite easily.

I have been working on trying to get a bit more physically well so I would be able to travel to you as I have never been overseas before.

I have gone to speech therapists and stopped going as it did seem a waste of time and money.

I do get spasms when I try to speak and my vocal cords will shut and very hard to open.

The only answer I have been given from ENT specialist is to take botox but my husband is against this and so am I as it is a poison.

I was at first going to contact you by phone to see what stage my SD is and if you were able to help me, but now with this virus everywhere my plans on coming to Canada have been put on hold.

Could you please advise as this is the first contact I have made with you if the herbal treatment kit and your book is only for clients that have already booked with you or would I be able to purchase them from you and would you be able to send them to me as I am in Tasmania?

As with this virus, it is quite stressful and trying to speak it such a nightmare!

If I cannot get to you this year I will be wanting to get there next year maybe about July and it will be winter here and summer there in Toronto.

You seem to be the only one person that can help me as doctors, specialists can not help as they do not have the answer.

Thank you so much and I await your reply and hope you are staying safe and well in this terrible time we are having in 2020.

Kindest Regards,

Sheree O


In the interim, we’ve reached out to Sheree and offered her an alternative treatment via obtaining our Super Advanced Herbal Voice Repair Kit.

On this note, we explained to her that, of course, this treatment will only aid her vocal anatomy and related health issues, but it will not substitute the most important part of the equation - the mechanical part of things…

The above will require one-on-one private voice instruction in order to “instill” (in a manner of speaking) a “wholesome mechanism” that will allow one’s voice to work in the fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain on their vocal anatomy - and other related parts of the body.
Recently, as requested by Sheree, I had spoken to her over the phone. To my surprise, I was able to understand her much better than the first time I had spoken to her!

Originally, I told Sheree that her voice condition will definitely require at least 60 or even 70 hours of instruction - and still coupled with natural (and some homeopathic) treatment. After speaking with her again while she was in the process of taking the remedies which we had sent to her, even to my surprise, I realized that I was understanding her so much better.

Then I said:
“Sheree, I am very happy to hear your much-clearer voice with almost non-existent spasms… It gives me great confidence to now offer you only 50 hours instead of 60/70!”

With much-improved vocal anatomy and of the actual voice condition overall, it will be so much easier to work on the mechanical adaptation of a new modality of completely new behaviour - which consists of:

Proper posture
The use of the lower abdominal muscles and upper diaphragm muscles
The above muscles working in conjunction and coordination with each other in order to achieve the “lift” of the sound - away from the vocal anatomy
Achieve a certain shape of the upper cheekbone muscles (“smile and bite” before producing the sound).
Restructure the weight of the body proportionally (starting from the legs, then reaching the calves, followed by the buttocks and then employing the lower abdomen and upper diaphragm muscles).

With the above-incorporated, as the newly-structured sound passes the chest, lungs and throat, it will naturally land in a place which I call the “natural amplifier” - ultimately achieving proper voice/vocal projection without any pain or strain on the vocal anatomy.

It sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it, my reader?

It is indeed! But it is definitely attainable and, nonetheless, doable.

But for that part, my reader, I would definitely need to have you in my possession in person to be able to achieve everything (and more) described above…

So, on this note, let’s return to Sheree’s following letters:


This is Sheree's latest comments/testimonial:

Hello Diana,
I have just about finished all of my herbal remedies today. All gone, not one drop left! I only have 4 of the licorice and kelp capsules left now which I will take at breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I really really feel so good!! So I will wait two weeks as you advised me and then I will contact you then say about 5th June.

Also thank you for publishing those emails in your last blog newsletter. I really hope that other people have contacted you to purchase the herbal remedies.

Take care!
Kindest Regards,


Now you will find Sheree's previous comments below:


"Hi Diana,

I wanted to send this to you before I go to bed._
This is my first day and I thought I would tell you what time I took them and when I had taken my herbal remedies. By this afternoon I brought up some mucous which was quite thick - and still has been this evening.
I am already feeling the benefits of these herbal remedies.
Thank you!

Take care! Have a lovely day!
Kindest Regards,

Thanks, Diana,

I really do appreciate it and I know your time is very valuable! I know you are extremely busy and now I have that relevant information it really has helped understand about each of my herbal remedies. Everything is going good with taking them and today is day three. I will advise you in another 4 days how it is going as you have answered all my questions and I do respect how busy you are. Feeling so much better and more at ease.

Take Care!
Kindest Regards Sheree


Hello Diana,

I am feeling so much better and have just completed day seven!

My spasms have diminished almost entirely. Only had a few little spasms. So much more mucous has been expelled. My breathing is so much easier. I have had no sinus pain or headaches or migraine headache. No swelling around my glands and throat. I also have/had no reflux.

My husband has noticed s a big difference in my health and he says I look so much better. He has noticed when I speak that my voice is much smoother and no spasms. I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful these herbal remedies have worked. Words cannot express how good I am feeling and I am so much happier!

Kindest Regards

Hello Diana, I know that it is 9 am over in Ontario and 11 pm here. I feel really good. I would be able to give you a short call to you if you are available now?

Kind Regards

Hello Diana,

I have just read your newsletter now as I had my mobile phone on charge. Thank you and that is so lovely and I hope this can help other people.

Kindest Regards

On this note, we wish you:
Be good,
Be well
Be smart and wise
And... smile at all times!

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