Although the popularity of the burials has been lessening down but in today’s world also there are 30% of people who believe in burial over cremation. It is known to everyone that burial and cremation are the two options for disposing the human dead body. Though cremation is much earlier than the burial service but then also it has grown popular in these days as a disposal service. But then also traditional burial is a much more beautiful service to look at.
There are some methods which are followed in Christian burial service. In these burials the body is laid flat with the legs and arms stretched or the arms are folded on the chest. The dead body is buried in the east west direction and the head of the dead body is directed towards the west side of the grave. In Islamic burial process the head is directed towards Mecca.
Different cultures of religion show different types of burial. Some bends the body with the knees and the elbows some face the body downward side. This type of case happens during any person commit the suicide. In that case the body is made upside down. But is just heard but in real case it does not take place. These burials are a part of the funeral.
It is proved by the archeological department that the mummies were made with the magical spells casted over the dead bodies. Pyramids were made keeping the mummies in safe in them with all types of goods related to the grave. These bodies are related to the afterlife. They are wrapped in the clothes with both the hands over the chest. A metal plate is settled on the heads. These were placed as such so that the corpse cannot come back home by obstructing the spirit from rushing out of the coffin.
There is a large diversification of burial rituals which depends on geography, religion, traditions, and social status and with the first acknowledged burial goes back 100,000 years it is no disbelief that various rights and duties have changed. If you were in Tibet, you would have a sky burial which simply means your body is cut up in different places and positioned on mountain tops to feed back to nature. This seems a practical consideration especially since the Tibetan landscape is tough and often too rocky to dig, but would you ever know that's what will happen to your body?

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