Military Divorce: They have a separate cell for processing the cases of military service members or their spouses. The military divorce cases are treated different than those of civil divorce cases, as they call for compliance with the military rules and regulations too.

Civil Divorce: This can result in several things such as termination of legal marriage contract, custody of children or support or visitation schedules, property can be divided between you, and debts too, and alimony settlement.

Legal separation: This is similar to divorce wherein property or debt is to be divided between both of the members. The only difference is that couples will still be deemed as married legally. It gives some time to the couple to reconsider their decision before getting divorced finally. In case children are there, a parenting plan is recommended by the court, with provisions for support or visitation etc.

Child Custody: If there is child or children involved in the case of divorce, it is the responsibility of court to decide who they would stay with. What affects these decision more are strength, and nature of the individual and his or her relationship with the child in case. The court does consider child’s emotional and developmental needs while making a decision, and employment schedule of the parent too, of course.

Child Support: The court decides which of the parents going to pay for support of the child, and how much it will be. In normal cases the non-custodial parent has to pay for the same. The amount might vary in each case as it depends upon the income capacity of both the parents, and requirements of the child. Support charges can be waived if both the parents agree to take the custody periodically.

Child Support Enforcement: In cases when a parent refuses to pay child support even after court’s decree to do so, enforcement can be executed. The custodial parent must contain a clear verdict of the court in this regard. The court can even order to the employer to withhold the required amount from the payment of the parent and directly transfer it to custodial parent.

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