When a company makes something to represent the business, there are many things to think about. It can be an insignia or it can be a logo which is the most widely used. For some businesses, this is very important because this is a part of their marketing strategies in attracting more customers. Logos can also be a reflection of an entity's doctrine including the values it has made like churches. For family insignias is a symbol that identify a certain group or faction of who they are and how long their family have existed. There are a lot of uses for symbols like this and making the perfect one is seemingly the important part of producing.

When designing logos, there are two categories to consider. The first category would consist of:

- Brief Design of the logo - you should make sure that emphasis is there it should be presented in a simple manner.

- Research and Brainstorming - you can discuss with your friends or with other people regarding your presentation, you can also include in your discussion the things that will be included and how it will be presented.

- Sketch of the logo - this is crucial since this will be the first step, the finished sketch will be presented to your clients for feedback

- Prototyping - Create a hard copy or the logo for the second review. That way adjustment can be done.

- Client Review - this would be the third and final review with the client. They will decide if the logo has met their standards.

- Polishing Off - In this phase, you will be doing a few twitches here and there for little details that need a little adjustment. This should only be the basics so not to change the client's idea with the design.

- Finality - This is when you will be giving the logo product to the client. You will be giving your explanation why you have come up with such design.

Here are what the Second Category comprises:

- Simplicity - this is the keyword that would let the design talk to viewers. Precise and Exact.

- Unforgettable - aside from being simple, people should always think of the logo. This is the marketing aspect of the design.

- Timeless - Since it isn't good to always change logos, your design should be timeless. This means that its value and its effectiveness should not diminish with time. It should be fitting in any era.

- Versatile - this should be used as signage outside an office or can be used in documentation.

- Appropriate - this means that your logo should speak about your business, what you are all about and the products or services that you offer.

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Creating a business logo is not easy. You have to think not only about making your logo visually appealing. You also have to consider what your customers want from you and what logo design will best address it. If you're not sure about your own skills on creating your logo design, hire a professional to make sure your logo is a true and effective embodiment of your business, your principles and goals.