The importance of a meat slicer in any kitchen cannot be over-emphasized. Be it a commercial or private, when the time comes to make a fine and neat cutting of our meats, nothing does it better than a meat slicer. Meat slicers are those machineries that can be deployed in a kitchen to help cut meat neatly and thereby make food preparation easier and faster. At home, meat cutter is one of those rare friends of a woman. They are real time and energy saver.

However, in as much as there are diverse and unique needs for specific occasions and situations, so also, there are different categories of meat slicer that can be used to meet any of these specific occasions. For example, we cannot expect commercial-grade, mass-meat slicer to be fully utilized at home and vise-versa. That is why it is important to identify various categories and types of meat slicers in the market. So that, whenever you are ready to make a purchase, you do so by having relevant information about what you want.

Variations of Light Duty Meat Slicers: These electric meat slicers are not always needed every day; they are kept, waiting for the time when they will be called upon. These are the ones most suitable for the home. Usually, their blades range from 7 to 7. And a 5 Watts motors powered its engine. In the market today, the popular brands of meat slicers we can identify as Light duty are; Maverick, Chef's Choice, Maverick and Hobert MeatSlicers. The maintenance of these cutters are very simply, and since they are always being used, they are durable as well. In case, any part of the cutters gets damaged, there are specialized stores/shops where they can easily be purchased.

Medium Duty Meat Slicers: These slicers are best used by small restaurants and small food joints that will require more frequent meat cutting, usually, on a daily basis. The meat slicers are well equipped to handle the waves of jobs thrown their way. For example, the size of their blades ranges from 8 to 14, while their motor has 100 to 130 watts for its powering. Though called meat slicers, these are so handy and useful, that they do more than slice meat. Cheese, vegetables, fruits are some of other foods that it can sliced without stress.

Commercial-Grade Meat Slicer: Bigger commercial needs require special and bigger provision. These particular slicers run with a special ¼ horsepower motor, made with carbon steel. These machines will handle diverse heavy duty operations and will enable you to slice your meats with ease. However, to maintain optimum delivery and avoid breakdowns, the machine has to be regularly serviced. A meat slicer can be a wonderful investment idea. In the long run they help to save time, energy and money. Just remember to look for one that best suits your needs and one that is trusted for its reliability and great performance.

Meat Slicers are always good investments. Not only financially, but they save you time and make your food look nice. Consider putting one in your home today, your meat surely deserves one.

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