Issues with fertility are experienced by women because of different elements. Aspects like birth control pills, lifestyle habits as well as failure in charting ovulation cycle are the elements that may contribute to conception problems.

1. It is imperative that if you are trying to get pregnant that you practice taking your basal body temperature or BBT and charting your ovulation period or cycle. Even so, there are instances that these given methods seem to fail.

Some of the reasons this may occur include a fault while doing this technique. Charting your cycle is a bit hard at first thus the possibility of making errors in recording. It may be useful for you to seek your gynecologist's help in charting your cycle. To make it less difficult and help you better chart your ovulation cycles, your doctor can advise using an ovulation predictor kit. If your concern will not be dealt with by this, you may be undergoing some form of anovulation problems. It is the absence of ovulation during your cycle.

2. It may also be advantageous if you are having issues getting pregnant to engage in lovemaking more frequently on your ovulation days as well as when you are not ovulating. This will allow you to boost your chances of getting pregnant by not missing any days of ovulation.

3. Your weight is also significant in enhancing your chance of getting pregnant. Having a regular body weight suited with your height will assist with regular menstrual cycles and ovulation. Research show that women whose BMI falls below or above the normal range will have a more difficult time conceiving. It will be helpful if you eat a well balanced diet to either lose or increase weight before you become pregnant.

4. Obviously, taking birth control pills can minimize your likelihood of having a baby. When you have determined that you want to have a baby, birth control pills should be avoided and time should be given so your body can totally remove them from your system. Your chance of getting pregnant depends on how long you have been ingesting the pills, its brand, and the type of birth control that you used. Your body needs to adapt and rectify the hormonal irregularities impacted by these birth control for you to get pregnant in no time.

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