Dinosaur Preschool Activities..Yippie!

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth millions of years ago, fetching a solid
following of children positively intrigued with their magnificent existence.
Dinosaur preschool activities can give your children hours of fun and merriment.
With a list as long as tallest dinosaur (I think it is Ultrasaurus), we will just cover a few ideas here.

Dinosaur Alphabet Trace

Cut out huge dinosaur footprints and place them on the floor.A volcano has erupted and the only way the children can get to safety is by stepping onto the footprints and follow the dinosaurs. Hold up letters of the alphabet and when the children get the letter correct, they move on to the next print.

Do check out preschool science page to create your own volcanos! Great ideas for dinosaur preschool activities and crafts!


There are several children's songs out there that you can rework the words to and turn it into a song about dinosaurs. Try "I'm A Little Teapot" or any other little ditty - words should teach the children about dinosaurs, giving them gestures to do along the way.

Where Dinosaurs Lived: A Science Activity

Read the book "Dazzle the Dinosaur" and talk about where the dinosaurs lived and why Dazzle wanted to return to the cave. Using the bottom cardboard from a case of soft drinks that has been sprayed black and green let the children add to it. Playdough can be used for mud and dirt, add some rocks and plants and something for a watering hole like blue gel glue or more playdough.Cover a juice can with playdough for a volcano and display.
See how preschool activities about dinosaurs can be real fun?

Be a Paleontologist

the preschoolers bring in cleaned chicken or turkey bones or use plastic bones.
Place the bones in wet, packed sand to imprint a fossil.Remove the bone and pour Plaster of Paris into the mold and let harden and remove from the sand. The kids can label and display their fossils. This would be a great idea for any dinosaur birthday party as well!

Dinosaur Cave

holes in the ends of a huge appliance box. Paint the box grey to look like a cave and add some drawings of ferns or trees. Play music on a CD layer and stop it periodically. This is like musical chairs. As the kids follow each other through the cave, when the music stops everyone stops and whoever is
in the cave becomes extinct and is out of the game.

Tyrannosaurus Tail Tag

Form a
line single file with the kids putting their hands on the shoulders of the kid in
front. When you say, "Go," the first child in the line tries to catch and tag the last child in the line while all kids stay connected. When caught, the last child in the line moves to the front of the line and the child who was first moves back to second place and so on until everyone has had a chance to be "it".

Hot Lava Tug Of War

Mark lava in the ground with red spray paint or similar.Have the kids play tug of war
by trying to stay out of the lava. You can name the teams if you like.


Play hide and seek, the people who are found become extinct.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Have some pages of different dinosaurs for the kids to color. Check out this dinosaur coloring pages. It comes with very useful dino fun-facts , and you can even organize your own quiz!

Museum Visits

Take the preschoolers to a Natural History Museum or exhibit so they can see for themselves fossils, bones and recreated dinosaurs in their habitats.

We hope you enjoy this springboard of ideas. Don't let us stop you in coming up with some of your own cool dinosaur preschool activities!

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