DOP is also known as Director of Photography or cinematographer who is responsible to establish the visual look of the cinema. He works as an assistant of the Director to find perfect location for the story and make the work look artistic with good choice of locations. Our DOP Services will help your project tell the story in artistic and technical decision regarding the lighting arrangement, film stock, shot selection, and other technical aspects of digital photography. We assure you our professional DP shall work with all the concerned units in the print to establish the look of the movie as well as its individual scenes. DOP works together with art director, set director, production designers, and wardrobe crew to hair stylist so as to ensure he captures everything to make the movie lively and real.

A good DOP has lot of considerations to make when it comes to perfect cinematography. One of those is the selection of Film Stock that plays a vital role in the look of the film. A perfectly used effects like light-sensitive emulsion effects the tone and other visual effect that viewers can notice later. Any scene in the movie cannot come up to life without a perfect light management. Our team of experts working as DOP will ensure all the lighting effects are used as per the requirement. Lighting gives the look and mood to the video and is essential to make the content lively. There are other roles of the DOP as well that includes but not limited to camera operation as well. If a team lacks a good camera operator then DOP can take the role of camera operator too, as no one understand better than the DOP to capture the scenes as per his requirements. This however is not the case depending on the budget and availability of separate cameraperson.

A good DOP will assist the director to make a movie exactly the way director depicts and make it lively with good selection of scene and combination of lighting. A movie is always wonderful to watch that has lots of visual effect and technology used. Director of Photography ensures the movie has got all the right ingredients when it comes to scene selection.

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