It is very impressive for some golfers who could hit the golf ball straight and far without encountering any problems at all. This fact somehow for some of us it is too good to be true. However, in reality it is not impossible at all for someone to get the same exactly shot if they perform the right drills that stops going over the top golf swing problem. In order to do so, there are several important things you need to know in order to avoid from this problem to happen everytime you taking a shot!

Before you want to solve this problem you will need to know what is over the top golf swing problem and how does this problem happen? It is basically the problem that mainly golfer has during hitting the golf ball. Over the top problem usually happen when there is a premature movement of the upper body in the downswing which means your upper body will always move ahead than your lower body. Without proper technique or guidance to solve this problem you will never be able to detect this problem within yourself and you will continuously repeating the same problem all over again every single time you are in the course.

Have you ever been into a situation where you're not hitting on the middle part of the ball but instead on the top of the ball? This over the top problem happen as when the position of your club face changes during performing the backswing. Addition to that your head position has also moved towards upright which resulting hitting the top of the ball as when you downswing the club or driver. You will never get the perfect golf swing if you don't know how to detect this problem. The fact that you need to have a proper guidance is very important. This is the main reason why many time you have been repeating the over the top problem all over again and at the same time still wondering why and how this problem has always happen to you.

This irritating and annoying problem can be treated forever if you apply and practice the basic drills that can stops going over the top problem permanently. Always remember that without a proper guidance, you will only going to waste your time and effort thoroughly into the golf game. Here's some drills that you can follow:

1. Shaft Across The Chest Drill
To perform this drill you will first need to put the shaft under your both armpit across the chest. Address yourself in swing position and rotate your body and hands altogether. Make sure you rotate them simultaneously. Do not rotate your upper body first and followed by the lower body.

2. Right Arm HeadCover Drill
This drill helps you to detect the backswing movement before you perform the downswing. This is especially for golfers who opens their elbow at the top of the backswing. To perform this drill is by putting the headcover under your right armpit and make sure the headcover is not being hold tightly while performing the backswing.

3. Twist The Hinge Drill
The point of having this drill is to maintain the wrist angle in the downswing. The more you maintain the right angle, the more consistent your shot is going to be. Work on keeping a large amount of lag or wrist cork in the downswing, you will approach the ball with much more power.

This three set of drills can help you to stop from going over the top golf swing problem fast. Practically, with this professional guidance you will able to eliminate the over the top problem as fast as two short weeks! It is essential for you to understand and apply every each of the above guidance and you will able to achieve a lower handicap instantly.

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