Calluses are small, hard circles that form on the feet due to excessive pressure. They usually appear when we wear shoes that are too big or too narrow, although it is also normal to see them on more bony feet or on the toes, since they have less protection and natural cushioning.

In both cases, calluses are the result of stress and friction to which the skin and feet are subjected.
That is why it is important to know how to prevent and how to remove calluses on the feet, to keep them healthy and comfortable throughout the year.


The hardness of the skin is the cause of callus formation. When the skin of the feet is subjected to a constant pressure, hardness or even calluses may appear. Calluses are usually larger and vary in shape, while calluses tend to be smaller, rounder and more defined. They are also usually characterized by a yellowish discoloration and are on the upper part, the tips and sides of the toes.

You can distinguish between hard and soft calluses: soft calluses usually appear between the fingers and do not harden because of the heat and humidity typical of that area. They can also be painful.

The appearance of calluses has many possible causes, but the most common is the use of footwear that does not adapt correctly to the foot. Too loose shoes can cause the foot to slip and rub (which causes friction), while shoes that are too narrow can press on different areas of the foot (for example, high heels cause pressure on the toes).

An ergonomic way of walking, standing for long periods of time or intense activities, as happens when practicing some sports, can negatively influence the pressure to which the feet are subjected. Older people are more likely to develop calluses, as the skin of the feet becomes thinner with age and the soles of the feet are less protected.


Obviously, it is always better to prevent the appearance of corns and calluses, but if you have not acted on time and have a callus, there are several ways to protect or eliminate it. To protect the calluses and relieve the pain caused by friction and rubbing, use protective patches of foam, silicone or polymer.

To eliminate them here is the best callus remover, you can use it to remove. Also there are many home remedies, such as removing them with files or nail clippers, but these methods are dangerous and can damage the area causing painful infections. It is more advisable to use specific methods developed to treat and eliminate them.

For example, products with salicylic acid such as patches, lotions or creams can be used, these products are effective softening the hardened skin, to then be able to eliminate it safely. Consult the entire range of products for Scholl's foot care, designed for the treatment of calluses or the elimination of hardness.

If the callus is more severe or the treatment you use is not effective, we recommend you see your doctor or podiatrist to relieve your feet quickly, get rid of pain and recover the feeling of comfort.

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