Many people question their life purpose after enduring something very painful or surviving a horrific event. Any number of things can trigger the question. How many of you have lived through one or more of the following trials?

  • Rape, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, incest or domestic violence;
  • An emotionally abusive relationship;
  • Drug, alcohol, or sex addiction;
  • Bankruptcy or loss of income;
  • Becoming a homeless person;
  • Accused of a crime, or imprisoned;
  • Disfigurement or physical limitations;
  • Mental illness; or
  • Losing social status.

Afterwards, did you wonder why you underwent such a challenge? In addition, did the experience leave you feeling guilty, ashamed, or angry? Perhaps the reactions of others resulted in these destructive emotions.

Until you dissolve those emotions, you cannot move forward to discover your life purpose. Oftentimes, the destructive emotions can be so ingrained in you that you find it difficult to move forward. However, you can either focus on the pain from these challenges or choose to change directions.

I have found the following tips useful in changing directions:

  1. Learn to Laugh. We have all heard the adage that laughter is the best medicine. There is a valid reason for the saying. It works! Nevertheless, how can you laugh when you are miserable?

    a. Try doing something silly. For example, try voicing an unexpected sound: bark like a dog, meow like a cat, or grunt like a pig. Another idea is to make funny faces in a mirror;
    b. Watch a humorous movie; or
    c. Devote your energy to watching a comedy routine, comedian, or comedienne.

  2. Find some kind of entertaining or amusing distraction. Choose to interrupt the emotion by some kind of diversion. It could be any kind of hobby. For instance, you could:
    a. Spend time with friends;
    b. Listen to upbeat music;
    c. Dance the night away; or
    d. Sing to your heart's content.
  3. Draw your attention to helping someone else in need. When you focus on someone else's pain, you tend to forget your own pain.

As you practice these simple techniques, you will be able to begin the process to discover your purpose. You will make it possible for the spirit to guide you, allowing your purpose to become clearer to you. In the meantime, you will begin to enjoy yourself.

All of us go through challenges in life. Have you considered that, perhaps, your suffering and pain was a means to discovering your purpose? Could it be that all your challenges actually allowed you to find joy? After all, it might be that this was your purpose all along.

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