How many of you have trouble forgetting emotional pain? Perhaps you were upset with another or even, with yourself, for events that occurred in your life that were tragic. It is often hard to release the destructive emotions caused by others. There is a way to achieve freedom and change your reality, making your life much happier. You can do so by dissolving the pain. Nevertheless, how is this possible, you may ask?

Dissolve the perceived war. Over time, anger and distress you may feel towards others, regarding their involvement or lack of care can grow to such a degree that you may unconsciously feel as if you are at war. Realize that until you learn to release your hold on the war, it can affect you dramatically. You will continue to feel pain, which may result in any number of destructive outcomes. These may include depression, weight issues, illness, money or power problems, sexual performance, or relationship troubles.

Recognize that you have a choice. Either you can stay focused on your pain or you can choose to release it. Once you decide you want to feel better, it is not always easy to release the hurtful emotions that someone else may have caused. However, some steps may make it easier.

Hardships can bring beneficial results. Before you can feel relief and alter future events, it is necessary to understand that certain hardships in your life may have been beneficial. Could it be possible that even though someone may have wronged you, the situation may have resulted in your spiritual growth? Even if you cannot appreciate this concept, there is still a way to help dissolve any emotional pain.

Make your hardship a gift. Instead of remaining angry, see the adverse situation as a gift. A gift, you might ask? A true gift is one where a person does not expect anything in return. Therefore, by having a perceived war with another, are you not expecting that person to make up for your pain? However, if you perceive the trauma as a gift, you will not expect anything in return. You will simply release it.

Furthermore, you will be validating that your hardship did indeed bring beneficial results. After all, the loving act of giving is a constructive trait that not only lifts another's spirit, but also will end up lifting yours as well, since you will be releasing destructive emotions.

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