The process of teaching amalgamates communication, words, tone of voice, mannerisms, facial expressions, and body language. When it comes to early childhood teaching, the role of educators is dynamic and diverse. It is not confined or restricted to imparting lessons in the classroom or planning curriculum for the students. In this article, we shall discuss the diverse roles performed by early childhood instructors.

Role model
Teachers are someone whom students look up to and consider their inspiration. They love emulating them. Thus, teachers are role models. From professionalism to behavior to conduct to disposition, everything is being observed by the little minds. Another vital trait is that teachers at any level have to be disciplined and cannot violate the rules at any cost because they’re the role models. To know more about it, they must go for early childhood care and education course.

The role of the early childhood teacher as a researcher is becoming recognized in all levels of learning. There is more to it than just gathering facts and data and writing research papers. It revolves around utilizing their observation and reflection to enhance their skills during practice. Since they have to be subject matter experts, researching is very important. Reading books, journals, articles, blogs or policies will also make them capable to deal with classroom challenges ad manage it better. In addition, researching will also help them gain extensive knowledge about working with young children; child evolution, pedagogy, and adopt innovative methods of teaching for better learning outcomes.

Teachers have to facilitators in the sense that they are not just disseminating information or lessons to the students. Instead, they are trying to support them so that they can learn independently. As a successful facilitator, the educator creates the best learning environment, plans lessons that are tailored to meet specific children’s requirements, and reflecting on practice.

From explaining to discussing to providing feedback or holding meeting with parents, teachers at the early childhood level act as communicators. They possess excellent interpersonal communication skills to train the kids and make them productive in their studies.

As a coach, the early childhood instructors strive to guide and motivate the toddlers they work with. They make the kids play, give tips and advice on how the learning environment, social ties, or teaching techniques can be improved for better academic productivity of the children. In order to get the best out of the kids, they focus on collaborative education, fun activities, exercises, and teamwork. To become better coaches, they undergo intensive training or a course on early childhood care and education. It also upgrades their skills and knowledge which is crucial in this profession.

It is needless to say children love stories and when lessons are explained like stories they become more engaged which contributes to their productivity. Many kids may not be used to hearing stories at home, but research demonstrates that stories have a powerful impact on them and helps in grabbing their attention or keep them concentrated. Hence early childhood teachers act as storytellers.

Time manager
From accomplishing an outcome by the end of a lesson or by the end of a week and setting a time frame to complete homework, childhood teachers value time immensely and focus on time management which lays the foundation for the children for attaining future success. It makes them disciplined in life and motivates them to complete tasks within a stipulated time or deadline.

A teacher is the best friend, philosopher, and guide for students. Hopefully, after reading this article. aspirants will get a brief idea about the diverse roles they have to perform in class.
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Laxmon Gope is a freelance website writer on early childhood care education training courses and education. He writes mainly on educational topics and has contributed to the publication of bulk blogs & articles. Earlier he worked as a preschool educator in a renowned private school.