What is Divination? Divination is the art of seeing into the future or seeing events of someone's life. This is not a simple art. One must be intuitive when it comes to Divination. This is just one of many methods besides tarot reading. Divination is also a type of Scrying. Many objects can be used for Divination. Below is a list of objects that can be used for Divination followed by where you can purchase them and how to take care of each object:

Crystalline Gem Stones- You can by gem stones in just about any store (jewelery store especially) or at an online store. Please keep in mind that when it comes to buying gems online for Divination purposes, the gems are often handled by other people. Because of this reason someone else's energy is on the gems. Sometimes it can be negative energy, too. So when you receive your gem(s) make sure you properly cleanse them with your energy. This rids the negative energy that could possibly be on the gems. When cleaning gemstones you can put them in mild soapy water. Dry them with a soft cloth. Another way to cleanse your gemstones is by setting them in a glass dish and letting them bathe in the Full Moon light.

Convex Mirror- This is not your average, everyday mirror. This a mirror that is blank on both sides (meaning, there is no reflective glass). Using a mirror for Divination is also called Scrying. You can buy Convex Mirror's at a local store that sells gems, incense and candles. If you buy one online please keep in mind, also, that other people handle it, and, therefore, can have negative energy. You can cleanse a Convex Mirror by putting in the light of a Full Moon, doing a mirror cleansing ritual (which is what I do) or just by simply draping it in a black cloth and doing a mirror cleansing spell( the black cloth DOES NOT hold negative properties and the spell is different from the ritual).

Crystal Ball- This is the most sought after way of Divination. A Crystal Ball is used for Crystal Gazing. Crystal Gazing is also known as Crystallomancy. When purchasing a Crystal Ball make sure you are buying one that may of some minor flaws. The minor flaws is what will attract light and make it easier for Crystal Gazing. You can purchase Crystal Balls in just about any store that also sells gemstones (except jewelry stores). Any store that is a Celtic or folklore store will most likely sell Crystal Balls. When purchasing one make sure it is "calling" to you. Look at each one. Feel it. Does it feel right in your hand? When looking into it does anything specific come through such as a special symbol or letter? If so, then that particular Crystal Ball is for you. When purchasing from online remember to cleanse it because, again, other people handle it and it can possibly hold negative energy. For a Crystal Ball cleansing it in mild soapy water or bathing it in the Full Moon light are recommendable.

Divination is a wonderful art. You can take Divination classes online or purchase books at your local bookstore. I prefer to purchase books because it is cheaper than taking a class. The Amazon bookstore is where I buy all my Divination books.

Author's Bio: 

Raven Storm is a psychic medium and tarot reader. She is also currently taking classes to become a High Priestess for the Wiccan religion. Besides this goal, she is also hoping to become a Registered Nurse as well.