Laws and principles implemented by a society offer reward for upright performances and penalty for the wicked ones. God fashioned the universe and with it he also formulated values and laws under which it works. As human beings our leading interest deceits in the law that rules and controls our formation.

Man came in this world in a hostile situation. Nature was unfriendly to human life making it firm for its existence and development. Disparaging forces like killer beats, gigantic beasts, gales, extreme weather circumstances, boundless rain, thunder and whirlwind, volcanoes, earthquakes and dearth of food made man susceptible. Destitute as he was, his only option was to bow to to the militaries of nature and beg for security and protection. Therefore, the age of worship was born. The idea of a mighty creative power has always been there and man has planned his own customs and earnings of adoring man-made idols.

These opinions were fundamentally changed by Divine Revelation with its dissimilar idea of man and cosmos. According to it, the cosmos is not the result of fate. It has been prearranged and decisively shaped by Allah and it runs according to His stable and enduring laws. These rules are appropriate to the physical universe in addition to man. Nonentity is outside the compass of these rules. Such rules can be applied when Muslims travel via Umrah Package. Holy Quran says, Allah Almighty formed the heavens and the earth for just ends and in instruction that each may discover the payment of what it has received and nobody of them be aggrieved. The Divine laws made human being comprehend that he could not renounce the consequences of his movements. He could not disobey these laws with exemption. As man is an important portion of nature, these rules function on the physical, social, moral and ethical foundation. If a man performances incorrectly, he has to recompense the worth for it.

For this he cannot accuse anyone otherwise. A child studies these physical laws as he matures and invents ways and means of shielding himself. In the communal life of human being, the law of vengeance takes the form of civil laws without which a society cannot work correctly. As a self-centered being, man is quite accomplished of hurting others for personal improvement. He also comes across that the law of the land will chastise him for violating the rights of others. The most significant detail to note is that even in a well ruled state, many offenders go unpunished and many innocent men are unjustly condemned and penalized. Therefore, no law framed and functioned by human beings is faultless, the management of fairness has to be deprived of any partiality. A fair civilization is the one in which no one’s energies go misused. And terror the day when you shall be carried back to Allah Almighty. Then will every personality be paid what it made and none shall be treated with unfairly.

The connection between man’s deeds and its consequence on his character play the most vital part in a civilization and its moral compass. Human character or ‘self’ is tremendously subtle to the moral consequence of its movements.

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