Mushrooms are fleshy and edible fruiting bodies of fungus that appear mainly above the ground. The one’s that appear above the ground can be picked by hand. So, do mushrooms go bad? Yes, mushrooms, like all other perishable goods, have a shelf life and do go bad. So, how do we differentiate the good ones from the bad ones? Let’s find out.

Can Mushrooms go Bad?
Mushrooms, if gone bad, can make you sick. Mushrooms, like all other vegetables, have a shelf life. Sadly there isn’t any sell by date, best before date, or use latest by date that you can refer to, to know if they are fresh or not and so you have to go with the date you purchase them.

Their shelf life depends on how you store them, how fresh were they when you purchased them, and the way you store them. Read More:

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